Missed beats/pvcs

So I'm feeling pretty good in myself after my ablation, however I've noticed I'm having quite a lot of missed beats/obvs recently, feels like a fish flopping about in my chest, not just one or two but runs of them lasting around a minute or two..... I find they're at they're worst when I finish a nightshift and am getting into bed in the morning.... anyone have any experience?

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  • Yes I have always had ectopics since my ablations. Normally only nominal amount say 2-300 a day but I have had periods of 2 to 3000 a day or more (that is two a minute) and then I notice them. I agree tiredness after a busy or long day makes it worse. So does stress . Standing in a dyno cell watching one of my engines running flat out is good for them. Not so much for me lol.

  • My last holter monitor showed I had 25 in 24 hour period, but I seem to be having more lately

  • "normal" people get up to 200 a day so 25 is nothing!

  • Yes I get them all the time. I would think that a nightshift would no help.


  • Sounds generally good going Jugsy! The fact you can now do a night shift.

  • Been doing my normal shifts since January..... two twelve hour day shifts 6-6 then two twelve hour night shifts 6-6...

  • Hi

    Hope u feel. Better

    Do you have to do nightshifts ?

    I would say that this is one of the major probleMs that exacerbated my afib in the beginning

    My Afib settled after i stopped nightwork


  • I have had 2 ablations and when I lay down particularly if I am really tired, my heart can struggle to get it together. It misses beats and inserts a few extras whilst I am feeling like my breathing is slightly restricted. It only lasts a few seconds and I know that if I get into bed and raise my knees, it is likely to induce it. I think Bob once suggested pausing for a moment by first sitting on the side of the bed and waiting 10 seconds before lying down. It is almost certainly induced by a sudden change in blood pressure.

  • As noted by others, almost everyone has skipped heart beats. However, AFIB patients are even more susceptible in terms of frequency, duration and intensity. I had 2300 PAC's both 3 and 6 months post my second ablation (thankfully no signs of AFIB). While that seems like a lot, my EP said he only is concerned if they number is more than double or triple that amount. That being said, these flip flops which were intense and regular made me miserable and severely impacted my quality of life. I ended up going back on a low dose of Flecainide along with my existing low dose Metropolol and that has taken care of things. While I still get some PACs they are barely noticeable. Hope to try again and wean myself off these drugs in a few months.

    Hopefully your flips and flops will resolve on their own but as Bob noted it can be something that you may need to deal with and manage longer term

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