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Three weeks after first stage of hybrid ablation

Three weeks after first stage of hybrid ablation

It is now three weeks after the first ablation. I still have light bruising on the two main chest incisions and from the cannula on my right wrist. There is the odd bit of discomfort, but I think this is muscular bruising rather than related to the heart itself. I am very pleased with my progress.

After the procedure on 7th April, I was in and out of AF for a week, but have been consistently in NSR since 18th April. My resting heart rate has changed significantly; before AF it was 57, beta blockers reduced it to 47, but post-op it has risen to 66. I now feel much better than I have for over a year; the brain fog/depression appears to have gone, as does the constant urination/thirst and the breathlessness. It may not be wholly due to the ablation, I am now taking my Bisoprolol in the evening rather than the morning and I think this is working better.

I was told to exercise within reasonable limits; to raise HR slightly but not continue until exhaustion. I walked every day for ten days then tried a little light cycling, although my definition of light may not match that of others. I have managed a couple of ten mile rides along canal paths and have deliberately held back rather than push myself, keeping to a max HR of 120; my pre AF max is 184, perhaps the breathlessness would return if I pushed it a little more.

I remember how awful I felt on the second night after the ablation (which now feels like it was months ago) and I cannot believe how much of an improvement I am experiencing. I am now so pleased I opted for the procedure.

ECG below.

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Don't forget, you have still the 2nd to come, don't over do it.

Read my post re Hybrid Ablation !


Thanks Lastec, I had read all your posts prior to my procedure and also googled exercise after ablation quite extensively. I didn't want to overdo it and cause damage.


I have had what i understand is the second ablation you are going to have, do you know of anyone who has done what you are doing the other way round?


I dont think so, but others may know different. I have heard of an american clinic that does both at the same time.


Good to hear, John.

Sound approach.


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