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Cardiconversions in persistent af

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I have been in persistent af from April this year. I was offered an Ablation in May of this year but because I am pretty much symptom free it was decided not to go ahead with the Ablation. I have a heart rate of 60 to 70 except on excercise when my HR will rise significantly it really doesn't cause me any difficulties. I am on Apixiban and 2.5 Bisoprolol daily. I have now been offered a cardio version. My question is if I go ahead with the procedure and it doesn't convert me to NSR could I be left worse off than I am now or will I simply return to the status quo I.e. In symptom free persistent af. Thanks.

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Hi Roy

Go for the CV there are no real downsides and if you go back into NSR then it is better for you

Be well


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There is no guarantee of anything in this world but I can think of no reason why a failed DCCV would make you any worse than you are now. I would say that slow AF like yours is not common with most AFers being in the high hundreds or at least 140+ when in AF. I think my all time record was 220 but how on earth they counted it at that is beyond me. Clever machines I guess.

I have had a number of CVs, they worked at beginning but am now in permanent AF and after a number of failed CVs EP won't do any more because obviously not working. Have never had issues of being worse after a failed CV. If you've never had one before it is worth thinking about.

Hi Roy, I've had very many DCCV s and always felt better than before. I wouldn't worry on that score. ( ablation would be a different matter )


Go for it. That way they will have a better indication as to what is going on in your heart so as to lay out care plan. Don't worry if you don't last long in NSR - I only lasted just over 24 hours in NSR before flipping back into persistent AF.

With those HR figures it means that the Bisoprolol is controlling your persistent AF nicely and that is a low dose.

Thanks everyone for replying your advice and experience is so very much appreciated. Thank you Roy

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rosyG in reply to RoyM

good to look up all the information on Cardioversion too so you can make an informed decision- also find out if your hospital check for clots before carrying out Cardioversion- some do TOEs and some don't.

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RoyM in reply to rosyG

Good point Rosy. Thank you. Roy

I am in much the same situation as you, except I have been in Persistent AF since last October, my main symptoms are shortness of breath and occasionally some fatigue. I had an unsuccessful CV a month ago and thankfully the symptoms are no worse than before. Now waiting to see if an ablation is the next option or just live with the condition on medication.

Thanks Gazes luckily I don't experience any symptoms at all and lead an active life. I occasionally feel a little tiredness but is that age or af? I am 69 and apart from af don't have any other health issues. I was just slightly concerned that having a CT just might upset the equilibrium a bit. I am reassured by the replies I received from the good people on here. Cheers Gazza

Im much like you, did a lot of sport and still play football 3 times a week to be honest i would not know i have AF, I had a CV did not work but no side effects just a burn mark, I would not have anything done to me now as i can live my life quite normal but were all not the same good luck

I had a failed cv last May and was very disappointed but had no after effects from it other than it reducing my heart rate from 140 to 114. Go for it.


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