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Decision day nearly here

Off to see cardiologist moro. Hopefully a plan will be in place as to what's happening next. Since my ablation in July still getting af and more episodes of svt than ever. Only difference now is lots more dizziness when heart rate dropping to normal. Lots of options discussed at last appt and had my mri so just see what he says. I'm prepared for whatever x

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Hope all goes well julesp


It can be best just to follow what the expert has to say. Are you seeing a cardiologist or an EP?

Having said that, I persuaded my EP to leave things as they are - which was his Plan C.


My cardiologist specialises in af as well as other rhythm disorders so I'm in good hands. The 3 plans were leave things as they are just stay on same meds, do a straightforward ablation or do an ablate/pace. I needed to have the mri as he wantewanted to check my heart function as I've a couple of other things going on with it.


Well, that sounds like a range of choices. Do let us know the outcome. All the best!


Will do

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Good Luck I understand the dilemma in hopefully picking the best option. Did your AF start right away after the ablation or some time after?


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