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I have a decision to make Pacemaker Dependant or keep on tablets?

When I saw my cardiologist yesterday. He explained that they are not over keen on doing any more ablations because of the scar tissue and my lung condition. He stated that any other procedure could be more dangerous than the possible benefit I would get if it worked.

I ended up been told leave the room and wait for the head man to come and see me. What was said to me then was my best options are increase my tablets. (not keen as my fingers went blue last time) Or have a pacemaker fitted wait 6 months and then have my sinus node removed which will make me pacemaker dependant. This will give me a regular pulse but will not cure the wobbles.

However he closed this with I must get more advice and help with my lungs as they have noticed a deterioration from when they had to give me O2 while flat a few months back when they did the EP.

Seeing my doctor about my lungs next week. I have found out I was working with asbestos for 15 years so might get some sort of reaction to look further

Do I wait and hope for the wonder pill or go for machine reliance?

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So sorry to hear that your suffering still ongoing

It is really big decision , try to have another opinion since I'm not a doctor , read more about pacemaker since I had also similar recommendation recently since one of my doctor think I have VT still not confirmed

Talk to other patients experiences about having pacemaker then you may have enough informations to balance between benefits and you surrender complaints

It is hard to say more at this stage

Pray to god to guide you to take the right step



Hi Offcut and I'm sorry to read your dilemma. I think your first port of call should be looking into the lung issues as we all know about asbestos, mesothelioma and asbestosis. It is known that lung issues can exacerbate AF so get that looked into first. I know of several people who have had pacemaker and AV node ablations and manage very well but as you say it won;t stop the AF, only make your pulse regular.



it was because of AF I had a heart attack.


It may be of no relevance, but please put a little research into it, you never know. Supposedly the most advanced pacemaker yet. Made by St. Jude Medical and called the Allure Quadrant CRT-P.


By chance I Googled the Mail on Sunday after reading your question. They are highlighting the titanium Allur Quadra CRT -P pacemaker as the best advance in 50 years. Good luck!


It's me again! There is a full page article on page 70 of today's Mail - the pacemaker that works even if you're on the brink of death. That gives us all hope!!!


Hi Offcut

I don't often reply to these blogs because I find there are too many people giving advice they are not qualified to give. However this time I do feel feel I can contribute.

I agree with Bob D - very good advice. I was rather like you - loads of cardioversions, ablations and drugs but was still having nasty problems so my EP (David Tomlinson in Plymouth) said "Enough is enough - I'm going to do a pace and ablate procedure". That was l over a year ago and I must say it's been my best year for nearly a decade. Like you I worried about the permanence of it as I thought that if the pacemaker failed then so would I. Not a pleasant thought but I have been reassured on that. Apparently your heart still has an underlying rhythm if somewhat slow which would suffice until you received help.

Do feel reassured and I hope this will help you to make up your mind.

Very best wishes

Dot in Devon


Thanks Dot that is really reassuring information. I think it is that so much that was supposed to be routine has gone wrong with me is putting up the barriers.

I had Angiogram to find I am allergic to iodine/trace.

My first Ablation (3.5 hours)I had a femoral bleed plus got a blood infection had to have blood test every 2 hours even at night my veins then started to collapse as they ran out of places to draw it ( I had drips in one side of me)

My second Ablation (7.5 hours) I got a groin infection was kept in hospital for 10 days until it cleared up enough to go.

My third Ablation (1.0 Hours) failed But they had to give me oxygen the whole time I was there as it was so low


I was in the same situation, I chose the Pacemaker,it is the best decision I have ever madex


Once I get to see someone about my lungs then the Pace is looking a better option now. I think it was the facts that they put in front of me explaining anything else could be worse or fatal! My pulse at the moment is stable but I feel terrible with AF episodes.



Do hope you soon get sorted ,I will pray for you and the right decisions are made do take care POPPEYSTOREY



I had pace and ablate 4 years ago, I wont say it was the end of my problems, but life certainly improved



Hope you manage to work round all this . The allergies and infections are a right nuisance they seem to make the simplest procedure a huge barrier to decision .

My infections started with the birth of our first baby eons ago. Hope all goes well do let us know how things go. Terjo


Thanks for your replies I think the pace ablate is going be my option need to see were I go with my breathing next.


Before making any decision about a significant medical treatment recommended, is reasonable to seek a second opinion from a good source. However, many people carry pacemakers nowadays who are doing well. They don’t think that it’s a big deal.


I am sorry to say this is still going on, now with all the various tests etc. they have done they have found further issues that need investigations! For the first time they are trying to get the lung department, heart department and my EP specialist together to find best course of action. My body seems to be rejecting more and more medicines.


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