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Decision Oermanent Afib

After 20 years of paramoxial Afib I went permanent .had a cardioversion a month ago and so far so good,but I understand I am very unlikely to stay in SM.After talking to my cardio and reading the posts here I am seriously considering just living with it (with meds of course)

Are there many people in this site who have been living with Afib? If so I would very much appreciate to hear your experiences.


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It may be picky but if you were cardioverted successfully you were not and are not in permanent AF but persistent. Paroxysmal AF reverts on its own, persistent needs cardioverting and permanent can never be returned to NSR.

There are many members here in permanent AF who are asymptomatic , in other words not aware that they are in AF so doubtless some will comment.


Thanks for the reply Picky,I do appreciate your comments.I spoke to my cardio prior to my CV and he said I was in permanent Afib,so perhaps he has his own way of describing my condition. All I know is that for the last 20 years my Afib has lasted for a few hours or a few days, last time it lasted for 3 months. I am seeing him next Monday for a review so will make sure he is aware of the correct staging.


Is he a cardiologist or an electrophysiologist? The definitions have been well established in electrophysiology for some years. Electrophysiologists are the electricians to the cardiology plumbers.


Definitely a cardio.He was actually not that keen on referring me to the local hospital for a CV.Seemed to be favouring the "accept and get on with it idea" The Dr at the hospital was a Electrophysiologist,but he really didn't seem to care that much,other than to confirm who I was,my medical history etc. Didnt even bother to talk to me after the CV .I did ask the nurse but was told to talk to my Cardio.I guess I will know more next week.


So bob does this mean that after my ablation I needed cv to return to sr. do I have persistent now


No because unless I read it wrong you had atrial tachycardia not AF. In any case DCCV is often used to revert AF short term without it being persistent. What I mean is that persistent is usually defined as continuing for more then seven days and requiring DCCV. In my view anything within about three months of ablation doesn't count anyway. lol

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Cheers.... I had af ablation, which according to my notes was cardioverted back to me after procedure👍🏻


Bob, you seem knowkedgable about all this. Some of my Afib events have lasted 24 hours, a little longer at times. Am I wrong for just "grinning and bearing it" instead of going to the ER? Presently I am controlled by meds. Seems like that lasts for a long time then wammo, back into Afib events for weeks.


I too have been in PAF for at least a year that I know but have now been in AF Episode for the past month . Fortunately my pulse run at 70-80bpm (resting 50/55bpm) which is asymptomatic . Three week ago tried my GP to refer me for CV but she was not interested . I am due to see her again this afternoon for another go !! I have an appointment with my EP on 22 June but if possible don't want to wait that long , as most on this forum advise to get back into NSR as soon as possible to avoid damage to atrium .!?


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