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Ablation nearly 5 months on


I am nearly 5 months post ablation and I am doing great.

I have had no attacks of any significance, the odd missed beat a bit of breathlessness but I have put on weight , I visited my cardiologist who told me I was overweight and unfit and advised me that it was a contributor to Af .

I asked about my medication and he reduced my bisopropol to 5mg but told that I would be taking the all my medication for the rest of my life, I do have previous heart problems.

I will see him again in June and if I have been Af clear he will discharge me back to my gp, basically what he was saying was he had done his job and it was up to me to help myself.


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Thank you for such a positive post. We all need to take responsibility for our own health. I am joining you on the weight loss issue.

Very best wishes.


Mefinks you are not alone, especially at this time of the year. Encouraging result though and hopefully it will encourage you to help the healing process.....all the best


I started walking after my ablation and was doing really well ..... then I went back to work , the early mornings, tiredness and time consumed my day the walking stopped and my eating habits became erratic.

I know the excuses and the answer to my problem, I just need to start to progress and get my walking boots out.


Oh my heart goes out to you. I struggled to find a New Years resolution since being diagnosed with AF. Have given up caffeine, nicotine and alcohol already. Have piled on 2 stone in weight due to inactivity caused by breathlessness, medication and stopping smoking. Have just joined Slimming World (other diet clubs are available) and now it appears I have to give up chocolate and cheese too. Good luck with your weight loss. I'm just off to adjust my halo.



I eat to much fruit my portion size needs to be reduced and my meal times need to be regulated and I need to start exercising again.

Cutting out the carbs helped me lose weight last time so I may reduce my intake.

I sit at 98kg and I am aiming at losing 10 kg by June but I am comfortable at 92kg.

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Thank you for the positive post!good luck now!


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