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SVT now

After my unstable AF following D&V in Feb things got worse with AF almost every night so not controlled on beta blockers. Then different symptoms with AliveCor showing fast tachycardia & me feeling aweful - waves of feeling faint & visual disturbances. Ambulance called SVT - A&E converted that - not a nice procedure, scary - only to go into AF. This was difficult to revert - lots of drugs but now in sinus rhythm & in cardiac ward. Don't know much about SVT & its correlation with AF - any help appreciated. Thanks

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Cardiologist has just visited & it was AF not SVT so that's very positive. When I asked why A&E thought it was SVT the answer was they are not cardiologists

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I was very disappointed that I didn't get any replies after my post as it was the worst attack ever. There always seems to be support out there so where was mine !!


I've no idea why you have had no replies here. I don't recall seeing this post before and I usually thumb down a bit. Perhaps it was slow to upload for some reason? As you say, someone usually has something supportive to say.

Sorry you have not only, apparently, been ignored but have also had such a bad time. Perhaps it will move you forwards in terms of effective treatment.


Have just seen your post. Sorry, had to look up all the abbreviations to know what your'e suffering. Did you get your bout of D&V from hospital? and how long did it last? If it was bad, do you think it may have affected how much of your daily medication stayed in your system?

When I was first diagnosed it took a while for my body to accept the combination of medication that would work in keeping my heart fairly stable. During that time I was taken by ambulance to hospital 3 times, severe breathing difficulties and SVT being the reasons. It was explained that this is part of the problems associated with AF.

Online research says that SVT can just happen on its own, no trigger, and stop just as suddenly. And in some cases it can be triggered by stress, caffeine, over-the-counter cold remedies and asthma inhalers. None of these things triggered just happened.

You are right - it is scary. And being rushed into hospital A&E with unknown treatment and unknown outcome is even scarier.

I am 90 minutes away from the hospital, so I am relieved to find that the ambulance guys are so good and do their utmost to set you at ease!

I hope that things are now settled and someone has given you some idea as to how the next stage of treatment will go.

Take care.


Thank you for your replies. I have been stable since I came home Thursday afternoon on Bisoprolol 5mg twice a day. It's early days but longest without AF since bug on 17/02. I see my cardiologist on Monday so that will give me confidence. This last attack has really scared me so now I hope it will be controlled. I had been well controlled with just 1 attack a year until now


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