fast heart beat with over active thyroid

Had Ablation a month ago think its worked apart from a few eptopic beats, been on Amiodarone for over a year and since Ablation heart beat resting rate is around 100, and got over active thyroid, so seen a speciialist and done some blood tests, he said if your thyroid is over active it can cause fast heart rate. has any one heard this before


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  • Yes - I had teenage (probably hormonal) overactive thyroid and it was my very rapid heartrate that seemed to be the major issue. Once my thyroid was brought under control, my heartrate reduced to normal.

    I hope you can get effective treatment Barry - it's not a pleasant thing to have.

  • Thank you, interesting

  • I have an unusual thyroid combination that may have given me AF years ago.I was given Thyroxine(for underactive thyroid) and immediately developed what I now know to be AF.Doctor insisted i continue to take it which sent my heart into mad overactivity.I took myself off Thyroxine and got rid of the GP and in the meantime found someone to deal with the under active/overactive thyroid. Yes, you read it correctly. This man knew what he was about and thought my thyroid and body thyroxine was fine and I did not need additional thyroxine! He suggested Liothyronine,10mcgs X 2 a day and bingo within a couple of weeks my thyroid had been sorted. and I felt much better.....but ....I still had Af.About 15 years on I still have it. and still take the Liothyronine plus Apixaban.Thyroid problems can be highly complex and are often little little understood.It took me about 3 years to get mine sorted and mostly by my own investigations and some private treatment.

  • I have same problem, it is two years since I had my ablation was fine up till last May when I ended up in A&E with irregular Heartbeat (AF) they did all bloods, ecg test, and the only thing that came back was I had overactive thyroid. Since then I have been under hospital for this having various tests, I am on carbmozole which was fine then it went to underactive so had dose reduced but I have since had a few episodes of AF, I am hoping it is only when thyroid plays up, only time will tell.

  • Oh yes an over active thyroid definitely makes your heartrate faster. I have this problem too. My cardiac doctors wont give me amiodarone though because of the thyroid problem!. I am on dialtem and concor, with a resting pulse of about 80 after cardioversion in December.

  • Ps I was on carbazole too for a while but i also slipped into underactive thyroid. The endo stopped the carbazole completely. I have to go soon to be tested again. Wonder what they will find this time.

  • A major side-effect of amiodarone is problems with the thyroid - either too high or too low - because amiodorone blocks the sites where the thyroid takes up iodine. Without iodine the thyroid can't work properly. Unfortunately the half-life of amiodarone can be as much as six months, which means that it may be a year after stopping taking it that the thyroid can start working properly, and there is no certainty that it will completely return to normal - See your doctor for help.

    When I had this problem I was taken off amiodarone immediately and firmly told by the cardiologist that I must never take it again.

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