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hi everyone i needed to drop by and ask a question .I had my ablation in June last year no AF in 8 months but i still have a fast heart rate at rest its fine around 70s but when im up and about its 110 and 120 is that normal or should i mention it to my cardio Doc on next visit .... Im on no med's havent been for 7 months would appreciate ýour thoughts on the subject

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  • You need an ecg to check your rhythm. In particular are you back in af?

  • hi goldfish no im not in AF had an ecg ysterday and heart was fine just wanting to know when does the fast heart rate go back to normal after an ablation

  • Mine took 6-9 months for mine to go back to normal when moving about and still (+100) on exertion and I am +3 years. Resting HR =65 but I have very poor exercise tolerance due to other conditions.

  • I'm 41 and about 8 months after ablation. My resting heart rate is 60, when up and about my heart rate is around 80. On a brisk walk it would raise to about 100. We are all different but I would mention it to Cardiologist they can probably put your mind to rest.

  • You could consider asking your doctor for a very small dose is Bisoprolol (1.25mg daily) just to hold your heart rate back a little.


  • Raised heart rate is a common side effect of ablation. MY resting rate was in the mid eighties for about nine months after my last but I never bothered checking my exercise rate. Too much to do! The important thing is how you feel so if it upsets you then speak to your ablation team, (arrhythmia nurse or EP secretary usually gets results.)

  • 41 years young, my resting rate is 45-50 and when i'm up and about its 60-80 and fast walking 100s but im still on 2.5mg of bisoporolol. 1st and only abalation was june last year

  • My EP consultant told me not to worry about resting heart rate (85 bpm) as long as I was in rhythm. Since then I have developed heart failure and my cardio has said that he wants to get my rate down to 60 and I have been prescribed a drug to do that. Hasn't worked after ten weeks. Does anyone have an opinion on this?

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