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Ablation and over active thyroid gland

Finally got Ablation booked for next week,

The consultant wanted another blood test for thyroid gland, I know is over active, and hoping they still go ahead with it,

Any one know with it could be cancelled last min if thyroid gland is over active it was ok till i started taking Amiodarone.

Thank you

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Hi Higgy52. Can't answer your question but I'm puzzled by your comment about having an overactive thyroid when you're on amiodarone because amiodarone tends to induce hypothyroidism, not hyperthyroidism. Our daughter-in-law is on amiodarone and has to take thyroxine to get her thyroid back from underactive to normal. If your thyroid is in fact underactive (rather than overactive) maybe you need some thyroxine.

Anyway good luck with getting the ablation done.


Thank you will keep you informed of out come.


I'm a bit confused. I thought hyper or hypo thyroidism can be the cause for afib, and once you get that under control, your afib resolves. Maybe this is way too simplistic, but my EP was hoping it was my thyroid because then it's an easy fix for afib. I'm assuming you are aware of this, correct?


never heard that before, never had high thyroid till started on amiodarone,

will keep you posted, thanks


I'm very interested in your update regarding your thyroid and afib

We're u hypo or hyper ?

Did u go on synthroid or levotheroxine after u were diagnosed with afib?

How did the new thyroid medication work out with afib ? Thanks


Think its hyper active lost 2 stone and eat all day, the Endocronilagist is still doing tests not gave me any meds yet till he is sure, he said if your Thyroid is fast it can speed your body including your heart witch can cause Tacacardia


Hi Higgy,

Hope your Ablation goes ahead and my best wishes for a good outcome.




Thanks Berry, will let you know how it goes



sorry men't to put Barry


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