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Hi all, I had the procedure two days ago because I don't want to take medication for the rest of my life. I take rivaroxiban, amiodarone and bisoprolol I was in nsr and pulse was 50 - 60 bpm I felt really well before the op but now my pulse is fast and irregular. How long before things calm down? Also I have had bad diarrhoea for 12 hours. Could this be related?

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I'm sure they told you it takes three months for full healing. Your heart has been assaulted and will be upset for a while yet. Relax and keep resting. If you are really worried call your arrhythmia nurse for advice but I think you are quite normal. Raised heart rate post ablation is also quite normal and can take many months to return to pre ablation levels.


Thank you. That's reassuring


Bob - I had my Cryoablation 6 days ago - in last 3 days I've felt more tired and my heart has been more irritated if that doesn't sound silly - I don't feel generally as well as I did - my theory is that the inflammation from the cryo is now aggravating my heart and making me feel generally unwell - this being the 'natural' sequence of events and to be expected at this early stage.

I'm looking for your wisdom and reassurance please Bob - kind regards Cathy


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