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very regular irregulatity

I have had AF for years (I'm 67) and it is slowly becoming more frequent but it is very predictable. Palpitations start every 4th afternoon like clockwork. Until recently they lasted for 48 hours then I had 48 hours free. I was then diagnosed borderline diabetic so went on a low carb diet and lost 2 stone (BMI now27). I also started taking magnesium (2x125). The palpitations are still every 4th day but only last 12-24 hours. Interestingly my blood sugar is now down around 5.3 but is 6.8-7 on days I am in AF. Am on Xarelto and Nebivolol 5mg which slowed my heart but higher doses of it and Flecainide didn't alter AF. I feel sure something is triggering the AF but it is not coffee, chocolate, alcohol or blood pressure or cholesterol and Dr says the blood sugar rise is an effect of AF not the cause as the level is low in the morning before the AF starts. Does anyone else have this sort of pattern and any ideas on other possible triggers I could investigate or supplements to try?

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Triggers are just triggers. You have AF therefore you will have events. One can go quite mad looking for answers but far better to deal with the results than waste time cutting things out. Obviously alcohol, chocolate,caffeine, stress, cheese, and just about anything you like will be suggested. You have made a good start reducing weight and adding magnesium so try reducing your meat intake and move to a plant based diet as some have found this helpful.


Your GP seems to be on the ball re blood sugar as York Cardiology suggested a similar action in reverse, Mg levels can be reduced when anxious. YC also suggests on his website taking Mg Taurate, I would try this and maybe a slightly bigger dose as taurine is also meant to be effective. I have taken Nutri Megamag Muscleze for 2+ years successfully, which was recommended by a Naturopath with CoQ10 and that has taurine in it.

I am no doctor and don't know the drugs you are on so as always here please check with your GP & cardiologist first, if you would like to try the above.


Thanks for this. I am interested in the blood sugar/ Af link in reverse - was this is a blog? I did speak to York cardiologists and that's why I take the magnesium but that was before I had identified the linkage


Avoid eating anything containing aspartame or monosodium glutamate. Avoiding processed food is also good.

Thyroid problems and sleep apnoea can both cause AF.




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