I'm Back!!!!

Thanks to all for your good wishes. I am now home on light duties for a week or so and can drive again from Monday. As Eileen so kindly mentioned it wasn't AF but was heart related although since extremely rare and unusual ( I gave the doctors a bit of an "Oh Shit" moment) not for the faint hearted so I will not explain further. All tests come up clear so just time to heal now.

Once again thanks for all your good wishes and I will be taking more time here again soon.

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  • Get well son buddy!

  • This is great news Bob 😊 You are a dear friend to all of us. Please share your story. We all care about you.

  • Have PM'd you. All the best.

  • Pleased all is OK now Bob ....you mustn't frighten us all like this!

    Best wishes


  • Well, are we glad to 'hear' your voice!As I always say when I have to go anywhere near a hospital 'Thank ......I got out of that alive'!Welcome back .

  • Welcome back mate, missed you

  • Great to hear your dulcet tones......take it easy until you are firing on all 4 cylinders.....now take a dose of your own medicine.....do nowt for the first week 'n not much more for the second!....😉👍

  • Good to hear you are ok,. Take it easy. X

  • Glad your home and on the mend and I hope your back to full recovery soon. We have missed you.


  • So pleased you'er OK now. So take care

  • so pleased you're OK

  • Glad you are back Bob, hope you soon feel better. X

  • Yak-i-dah!!

    Great to have you back, Bob. Look after yourself and take your own advice!

  • Oh my goodness Bob. Sounds scary. Glad you have been treated and are on the mend. Stay well and welcome back:) xx

  • Welcome back Bob plenty of rest now.

  • So nice to see you back. Get well fast.

  • Glad all is well.

  • Hi Bob, lovely to have you back, you've been much missed. Hope you get fit and well again soon from whatever it was that put you in hospital in the first place.

  • Sorry to hear you've been unwell, glad you're on the mend x

  • Glad your back.

  • Hi Bob,

    Great to have you back.

    Best Wishes


  • Best wishes on a complete recovery.

  • Delighted that you are back Bob, you can't keep a good man down! (thank goodness)

  • Welcome back, Bob! We missed you. We also hoped it wasn't anything as serious as this sounds :(

    Thankful to hear you're home now and wishing you well for a complete recovery.

  • Eso glad you are ok now, take it easy and give yourself time to recover.


  • Pleased your back.

  • So good that you are home again Bob.

  • Pleased to see you back - the forum is not the same without you.


  • Lovely to have you back where you belong. Now take care of yourself x

  • Feel better real soon, Gracey

  • All the best BobD. Hope it is all onwards and upwards from here.

  • Welcome back

  • Good to hear you're back. Hope you will soon be back to your old self. :)

  • Welcome back Bob

  • Great news. Glad you are back. Now rest x

  • Welcome back, Bob - we've missed you.

  • So pleased you are back. Hope your recovery is 100%. Bet you have lovely soft hands after being away from your car jobs!

  • I promise not to tell you my heart story either. Scary, isn't it?!

  • Pleased that you are back Bob, the forum doesn't seem the same without your comments!

  • Great to here u are on the mend. Aw ra best for a speedy recovery.

  • So pleased to see you back. Take care of yourself and best wishes to your family. MaryC

  • Wonderful to see you posting again, Bob! Keep well.

    Sandra x

  • Welcome back and get well soon x

  • Dear Bob, so glad to hear you are on the mend, it sounds as though you had a scary experience though. Take care and keep well.

  • Phew... hope you feel back to normal soon. Take it easy

  • Welcome back speedy recovery sir

  • Hi Bob, Only just seen you have been unwell but glad to hear you ar recovering now. Best wishes,


  • I'm sorry to hear you have been unwell Bob, I wish you a speedy recovery....take care.

    You are a great help to all of us and you are much appreciated.

  • So good to see your posts - no wandering off again! Best wishes for a full recovery.

  • Sorry to read you've had what sounds like a very scary time Bob. Best wishes for a good recovery. Take care

  • Glad all is well Bob. I have been out of the loop for weeks, nothing coming into my inbox. No idea why. I hope you continue a good recovery and take care. Jan

  • So pleased you're through the difficult bit. You are such a support here, Bob, and we are all wishing you back to full strength.

    Love from Pat xx

  • Feel better soon! Glad to hear you're okay!

  • Phew..... good news you're on the mend Bob. Take great care of yourself.



  • Welcome back. Get well soon.

  • So glad you're 'back' and recovering.

    Hope you continue to improve

  • glad everything went well for you best wishes

  • Hi Bob you have been missed I haven't been on much but wondered why I hadn't seen your comments. Trust you are feeling better. Just having a few issues with my BP so doc gp took me off it really paid for that so now back on saw cardiologist said clearly heart had been irritated by very high blood pressure over a couple of days. I could wring the gp neck. Had loads of ectopics and now just to ignore them. Glad you are back. Regards Chris

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