I'm back!!!

It's been a good run, almost a year to the day since my ablation, but now my bag of frogs have started jumping again. fortunately my son, who is a paramedic was with me when it started. The run was not long lasting but it did exhaust me. I've had several minor events since. The arrhythmia nurse has arranged for me to have a 7day monitor, I pick it up from the BHI on th 7/7. So here we go again!!!!!!

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  • I am sorry to hear that your heart has been up to its old tricks. Hopefully the monitor will get to the bottom of the problem, I know how disappointing it can feel when these glitches occur.

    Try not to worry too much, you are in good hands at the BHI.

    Best wishes Jackie.

  • Thanks Jackie, this time I'm not so panicky, I know what's coming, it's much easier

  • Bummer as they say. Ablation no 2 here you come. Lunch again soon so you can update me then.


  • It's not as bad as last time at the moment Bob, but at least I know my way around this time. When is lunch?

  • Once the schools have broken up then Jan may be able to come. I will post under West Country Lunch as usual.

  • Sounds like a plan x

  • Thanks Bob, will defo try to make it this time. JanR

  • That's so disappointing!

    I had my ablation several months after yours. I cannot have another because of fibrosis. I have had occasional mild episodes which can be corrected after an hour or so with 100 Flecainide as a pill in the pocket.

    Good luck with the monitor.

    Very best wishes.

  • Hi Jenny, no flecainade for me yet, they want to do the 7day monitor first. I really don't want to go down the bisoparol path this time, I hated the feeling it gave me. Hopefully I can use pip until they sort out the next ablation

  • What's PIP ?

  • Hi Lainie, it's a pill in the pocket...to be taken when you go into AF

  • Oh lol I see thank you

  • Oh , what a pain! My consultant has warned me that I can expect it to return up to a year if it is going to,but even when you have been warned its still disappointing. You sound as though you have accepted another ablation as part of on going treatment which I think is the best way to deal with it if you can. At least you have had a good year and ablation won't be as daunting second time round. You can remind of all this if I find myself in the same position in 7 months time! X

  • I was disappointed Dedeottie, but I was warned and as I don't want to take masses of drugs again, ablation is the only way. It has been a good year I've accomplished quite a lot, I had been ill for a long time without realising how bad I was, so when the ablation fixed me I was able to really get on with my life. Hopefully I'll be able to again

  • Ohhh, rats. I hope I don't duplicate your experience. So far sounds very similsr, but I don't hit the one year mark until September. Also trying to avoid meds (flc didn't help anyway)

  • Everyone is different teachtolearn, no reason to think it's going to happen for you, stay well x

  • Sorry to hear your frogs are back again! You sound very relaxed about it. Good luck with the monitor. Hope you get things sorted out soon x

  • Thanks wpm, I suppose I am relaxed about it, there's nothing I can do to prevent it coming on, apart from not getting stressed, so I might as well go with the flow and enjoy the in between times.

  • It's a bit of a kick in the teeth to give you a false sense of security and leave it a year, MammaCass, but perhaps it won't be too troublesome and can be sorted without a return to any daily medication.

  • Oh MammaCass - that's a real bummer especially after all that time. I wish you well in going forward with your treatment this time.

  • thanks Sue, the EP did warn me it was a fix and not a cure, so I think that's been in my head all along

  • Hi Rellim, I'm not going down the path of being drugged up again, I have a lot more knowledge this time. The arrhythmia nurse was very encouraging, I'm hoping for an easier ride, at least I'm on the EP's radar, last time it took months of to-ing and fro-ing before a accutuallly got a monitor let alone spoke to someone who knew what they were talking about

  • Well I do hope they sort you out quickly! Take care...

  • Hi Eatsalottie, so do I x

  • Mammacass

    How disappointing and after 12 months when it seemed to have worked but how wise of you to "go with the flow" and not get completely worked up about something you can't influence. Easier said than done.

    It should be much easier this second time round as you know the drill and you have an EP already on board.

    I am led to believe that when a second ablation is required it is often just to fill in a tiny gap in the scar tissue and from that I assume is much easier and quicker.

    I hope the 7 day monitor goes ok and records something meaningful for the EP to know what he is dealing with.

    I hope all goes well for you and you are completely sorted very soon.

  • Hi Dave, yes the EP told me the second would be to fill in the bits missed, I just have to stay calm and wait my turn. It's definitely easier this time, knowing the ropes

  • Hi,

    I cant say anything that others have not said...I can imagine your disappointment but 'upwards and on-wards' and lets see what the 7 day monitor has to show...Carol..

  • Thanks Caromia, once the monitor is done, we'll know where we are x

  • Sorry to hear your AF is back. Your year without it must have felt wonderful. Hope you're soon sorted again.


  • Hi Jean, it has been a wonderful year, but once it's sorted I'll be off enjoying myself again x

  • Sorry your back in the AF club but hopefully not for long before they sort you out again. Keep positive and best wishes.


  • Sorry to read your post Mamma you must be very disappointed. Hope to be at the next lunch then we can meet at last! I officially have AF now!

  • So sorry to read that ! You were doing so well. Take care, see you soon. X

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