I'm Back

Well it's official, had my appointment with the arrhythmia nurse today for the results of my 7 day monitor, I thought it had been a good week with very little going on but apparently there were several runs, a couple with quite fast bpm, and a few that went down to a very low rate of bpm. So I'm on the list to see the EP again. No medication as yet, but if I start passing out again they'll whack me straight on to a beta blocker (not if I can help it) and flecinaide. I told her I'm not good with the meds and that after a year of no symptoms from the ablation it's what I want again. Fingers crossed the wait isn't too long this time

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  • possibly just a little tidy up needed??

  • Very likely Rosy, I had a cryoablation last time, he did say he would do a burn if I need another

  • yes there may be some little touch up bits that the cyro ring didn't reach??

  • How long ago was your cryo ?

  • 5/6/14. The date is imprinted on my brain, I had a full year without any problems and then suddenly my bag of frogs appeared again

  • Hopefully the burn will tidy the rogue bits up for you.


  • I'm sure it will Jay

  • A great post? It suggests consuming levels of magnesium up to 8 times the maximum daily safe dosage. And that is an alternative to an ablation?

  • You would never be off the loo!

  • Well! You just couldn't stay away from us could you?

    Welcome back, but sorry to hear your AF has returned. Hopefully, it won't be so bad now and lets keep our fingers crossed that you are soon returned to a perfect sinus rhythm. Please make sure you let us know how you get on.


  • At the moment Jeán it certainly isn't as bad as it was, I'm along way from the total exhaustion of my pre ablation days. It's the passing out that worrys me, driving is off limits again which is a bugger, but other than that life goes on.

  • Welcome back! Look forward to the next installment, and a successful outcome. Again. JanR

  • Thanks Jan, looking forward to our next outing x

  • Thinking of you. Take care.

  • Thanks Gwyn

  • Sorry it's necessary for you to be back, hopefully this is just a little glitch and you get sorted soon. I am off for my 1st ablation next Thursday and nervous.


  • Good luck - nothing really to worry about (easier said than done I know). I have just had the one and waiting for my second!! Bob's always says ablation rather than dentist (but doesn't apply to me as I am very happy going to the dentist!!!).

  • Where are you having your second done Peter?

  • At the Barts Heart Centre at St Bartholomew’s Hospital (I was there before).

    This now incorporates the services and staff from the London Chest and University College London Hospitals, The Heart Hospital in Marylebone, Mile End Hospital, Newham University Hospital, The Royal London Hospital, Whipps Cross University Hospital.

    Apparently the new centre is Europe’s largest and newest specialised cardiovascular centre and will perform more heart surgery, MRI and CT scans than any other centre in the world!!!! When I had my ablation in March it was performed in the old building (no complaints) though I saw my consultant before and after in the new centre. Not sure whether my second ablation will be in the old or the new buildings as they are doing a phased transfer.

  • When I was looking for an EP, Barts was one of the Hospitals recommended

  • Don't be Brenda, if it was that bad we would never go back for a second, third and for some of us fourth bite of the cherry

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