Hello !!!

Hello !!!


Thank you again for all your good wishes for Andy – he ended up in hospital again with a racing heart!!! Thankfully it was just a one off and he is back to normal now so I haven’t had a minute until now to reply!!

So on reflection things are looking good for Andy and myself (haven’t had AF since I started the Flec daily, although I keep waiting for it to happen!!!) I am sooooo tired with my tablets but its worth every yawn not to be in AF and will be seeing Matt Fay in a couple of weeks so may get on track with an ablation or something! Although I was sulking slightly that I couldn’t have a drink on Christmas Day!!!

My AF diagnosis has completely changed my life and it’s not a bad thing in a lot of ways and has put a stop to my very unhealthy (but fun…sob!) lifestyle!!

So want to wish all my new friends on here a very happy new year and every good wish for 2016!! I have a couple of days on my own so I am now going to make something naughty to eat and watch Gone with the wind!!

With love

Sara xxxxxxxxxx

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  • Happy New Year to you both Sara. Give my love to Matt when you see him.

  • Thank you Bob and of course I will but be warned I will be harrassing you all with questions to ask before I even see him!!! X x

  • Happy New Year to both of you!

    I'm glad to hear the positivity in your post, that alone is so important.

  • Thank you Drounding...not slept all night worrying What if the flec doesn't work but positive again now...all ups and downs I suppose in the beginning x x

  • Its funny you and i are alike in that i too just keep waiting for the next bout of af!!

    I wish i could break this stste of mind i have gotten into

    Good luck to you and hubby for 2016


  • Thank you Rich x yes I keep waiting but thank god no bumpys yet....its strange ... everynow and then I even forget about the evil AF!!! X x

  • When my af started i went 6 months without any more attacks and in second year went 8 months without it.

    Its now much morefrequent and its beginning to get me down so im seriously thinking of surgery such as ablation.its great on here that wecan gee each other up its so important tonot feel alone wharever time of day or night.

    Keep smiling sara and help your hubbystay positive too

  • Oh I know how you feel mine came on thick and fast and I know I would be in it now if I didn't have flec...im doing as muchresearch as poss...I am quite interested in the mini maze op but I am only at the beginning of the delightful AF journey!! Just read a great book... Kevin Kauffman ..a life on hold..you must read it x x

  • Thanks sara ill look for that book.

    What is this flec drug that i see a lot of afers take

  • Flecainide...Im not sure how it works or for how long I just know its been 2 weeks since my last attack so im happy but from what I have researched I think surgery is the way forward to the most successful outcome of battling this bloody thing and I believe the quicker you get it done the better your chances. Yep that book is great...it was only about 7quid on amazon...takes you through his af journey from start to finish x x

  • Thank you for that

    Ive just looked on amazon and i found the paperback edition for £7.99 so methinks i shall order it.

    Ive just had a 5 min af attack hope thats it for today!!its bed for me now so ill say goodnight to you

  • Yes goodnight to you too snd tell them bumps to bugger off!!! X x

  • Will do hope my heart hears me!!

  • Hi Sara,

    Well Done for being so positive!

    My Best Wishes to you and Andy for a better 2016

    Kind Regards


  • Thank uou very much Barry and the same to you and your family xx x

  • Good luck to you both for a better 2016!

    wendi x

  • Thank you Wendi and all the best wishes to you too x x x

  • Happy New Year to you too! I hope you and Andy have a fabulous 2016 :)

  • Oh thank you and the same to you....I love your username! X x

  • Best wishes Sara, Happy New Years to you too and I hope this is a super year for you. Keep positive.


  • Thank you so much and my best wishes to you too x x x

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