To everyone for your good wishes for my ablation tomorrow and for all your support help and advice to get me to this point.

My I.N.R. is 2.6 so that is good and I have to ring at 1.30 today to check bed availability so fingers and toes crossed.I have got my survival kit all ready as advised by various ladies on here and have packed my hypnotherapy C.D. and downloaded an audio book on to my kindle so, preparation done.

Also want to wish all the folk having ablation in February, good luck. I'm sure we will all have plenty of notes to compare afterwards.

I am a bit surprised that I still feel quite calm . I am having my T.O.E.

" on the table " as they put it, just before the ablation....not looking forward to that I have to say! Once again, thanks to all. X

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  • Best wishes and look forward to hearing how it all went. I too felt very calm about having my two ablations, you will probably find you'll be like that right up to when they sedate you.

    I had a TOE once before a cardioversion and as I was under a general anaesthetic, knew nothing about it nor did I have any after effects

    Jean x

  • All the best - do let us know how you get on, very best wishes,


  • Good luck and very best wishes, I will be thinking of you.


  • So you're almost there! I don't think you will feel too bad, Dedeottie, when you get on the table as there is so much fascinating stuff to look at and I found it all very reassuring. The worst bit is a long wait. I had to arrive at 7am first time and was in the cath lab by 8.30. Splendid. Home later in the day. Second time I had to arrive at 8 and it was 2.15 or so before I was sent for - thirsty, hungry and wound up just a bit. Rather than watch Bargain Hunt I had had to pen a sloppy little note to my other half. Do hope you will get in there promptly! And indeed get on the list! Hope you have good news at 1.30.

    We'll be thinking of you every step of the way and wishing you well.

  • Will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow just think AF free x

  • Good luck but Im certain that everything will go well and the result will be

    an improvement for you.

  • Good luck, will be thinking of you. Bernie x

  • I used my book as a "mind taker which I found helped a lot pre-op - Make sure its a good book that you like before you get to the hospital... I have made the mistake in the past of starting one when I got there and couldn't get on with it....

    Wishing you all the best for tomorrow dedeottie - it will be Thursday before you know it xxx

  • Thank you. I have 40% of a good book to finish. I'm dying to read to the end but am resisting till the waiting game starts. I hope they give me just the right time to finish it. X

  • Yes good luck for tomorrow.

    Mine is on the 17th February, hope not waiting around too long, no chance of me reading a book, red top is about all I could absorb on the day, will see if the nursing team take a bribe on the day so I go first haha

  • Dee and Mick I am thinking of you both, hope all goes well and you both bounce back quickly after your ablation.


  • Hi Jane have left message on fb but incase you dont get it I wish all the very best for tomorrow and do hope they done cancel. Lots of love to you xxx

  • Wishing you all the very best for tomorrow.

  • Thinking of you and trust you will soon be through the procedure and back on the road to recovery. Big .



  • Hope all goes well for you tomorrow.

    Make sure that book's more World of Zen than Fifty Shades. Don't want to encourage a racy heart !

    Good luck x


  • we are all there with you!


  • Just seen your post so I hope you are waiting in hospital now. I'm wishing all goes well!

  • Jane, sorry I'm a bit late to wish you well so hope that everything went to plan and that you are now recovering. Be kind to yourself!!

    Sandra x

  • Hi dedeottie, I hope today was successful and that you are feeling comfortable at this moment in time.

    Loads of hugs.


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