For all your responses to my previous post and for all your good wishes. So, I go into hospital later today and have the ablation tomorrow. I have been unbelievably and genuinely calm about the whole thing which is very unlike me. My husband who is usually the most calm, is really really nervous !!

My I.N.R. has been really stable at 2.6 ( 2.8 when checked venously at the hospital ) so it looks like Im ready to go.

I have my bag packed full of essentials, this time including an energy bar as last time the tuna sandwich they gave me afterward, played havoc with my reflux!

Strangely, coming off the flecanide quickly has proved to be much less eventful than I thought. Im starting to feel morePACs etc but no A.F. yet. My last tablet was Sunday night. I thought I may have gone into A.F. by now but I know they can start it chemically if needed so not worried.

I will post again when Im all done and dusted. X

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  • Good luck! And all my best wishes xx

  • Best of luck, hope it all goes easily 😊

  • Again good luck. 

    Have you remembered a sports water bottles that you can drink from whilst lying down (I found it a godsend last week again) and lip salve?

  • Best wishes from me.................

  • Good luck. Virtual hug. 

  • Best wishes from me too. xxx

  • Best wishes dedeottie, thumbs up 👍👍👍👍👍👍x

  • Very best wishes. Will be thinking of you.xx

  • Good luck will be thinking of you x

  • Good luck, bon chance, break a leg and any other similar good wishes not that you will need them.

  • It's a much better feeling second time round when you know more or less what's in store.

    All the best!  We'll be thinking of you and look forward to hearing about it later.  Do hope it will be a big success this time and AF will suddenly be a thing of the past.

  • You'll be like the Duracell bunnie when this is done...there'll be no stopping you x

  • Best of luck.  Pleased you are calm.  Poor hubby like you he will be pleased when it's done and dusted.

    Take care. Be well.

  • I spoke too soon meadfoot. They do not have a bed for me so have got to go into the daycare unit at 7.45 tomorrow and goodness knows where they will put me overnight. So I have just had a melt down as my feeling of safety has just vanished! I know that is completely unfounded but Im not feeling very logical. Ah well, pride comes before a fall...

  • Hi.

    Think of it as a positive.

    Eventually all the pieces will fall into place but until then,laugh at the confusion,live for the moment and know that everything happens for a reason.

    All the very best wishes,

    Carol x

  • Thank you Caromia. You always come out of the woodwork at the right moment! I am gradually calming down.

    How are you these days?

  • Oh no, don't you just love em.  These issues seem to be the norm rather than the exception these days unfortunately.  Nhs really struggling throughout.

    I do hope things are sorted for you when you arrive, so sorry for the extra stress you are experiencing just when you were calm and ready.  Thinking of you. 

  • Sorry about that.  I suspect that the day care is the reception point for all who are having an operation or procedure on that day as releases from wards do not usually start until 10:00.

    When I had my ablation done last year I had to report at 7.00am on the morning of the ablation and then an overnight stay. 

  • O.k. that sounds very like my situation then . Ive calmed down now. I had just got myself geared up for going in. Thanks

  • Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Sorry to hear that they don't have a bed for you at the moment. I'm sure it will all work out o.k. Will look forward to hearing how it all went. x


  • Your be fine and home enjoying the weekend soon 🙂

  • Upsetting when things don't go quite according to plan. I hope all goes really well for you tomorrow and that you will soon be AF free!

    Judie. x

  • Best wishes for tomorrow and look forward to a full unabridged report...

    Sandra x

  • All the best dedelottie.......nice 'n easy does it!!!

  • Good luck and hope it works well 🙂


  • all the best for tomorrow. Best wishes Kath

  • Good luck!  You are going to be so happy when it is over and you are feeling good!

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