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Decided to switch up my excercise and joined an indoor water aerobics class. It is in a small room, very warm and humid and the pool was like bath water. I made it thru the hour class but felt wiped out the rest of the day. Heart rate and bp ok when I got home. In the class I felt claustrophobic and warm, kept thinking some cool air would fix it. Cannot decide if I was having a physical issue or just anxiety. Im not on any meds, exercise in a cool gym without problem . Last a fib was in sept, been feeling great. Any thoughts? Im not sure I want to go back.

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  • Curious to know what your heart rate and BP were during the class? When I had a concern in a similar situation, I brought my tester in a plastic bag and very carefully checked.

  • Hi, heat can be a trigger for me and I have gone into AF a few times when coming out of a shower. It is so hard to work out which of the symptoms are AF related and which anxiety.

  • You need to get an AliveCor to check your rhythm and rate

  • Or a finger on your pulse

  • I've been having hydrotherapy for an something else, but the therapist told me that being in warm water like that increases heart rate and pressure. she described it as all the blood move from your limbs to your core which is what causes it. She also said it affects your breathing as much as someone with mild emphysema. I've had a couple of incidents doing the hydro I had to take it very steady. If I am feeling off then I avoid going as I know it tips me over the edge. hope this helps.

  • I've been told the same thing about hydrotherapy and that your body will adjust in time. If it is a well run class they should be able to give you more advice and support if you are struggling.

  • The heat, but more importantly, the humidity would make me ill. I find that I need to keep the water temperature low even when taking a shower. Prior to starting Flecainide, I usually triggered an AF episode by having the water too warm - now the episodes don't occur but my heart races and I feel awful if the water is too warm. Also, my blood pressure dips, which doesn't help matters.

  • If you are not enjoying it then don't do it, is my mantra.

  • Im leaning that direction😉

  • I was thinking of going back to water aerobic but the atmosphere puts me off, I felt just the same as you and this was before my paf, i think it's anxiety and like most things that make me anxious I tend to try to face them now. Lucky you not taking meds but surprised that you are not on anti coagulants, I'd say give it a couple more goes, concentrate on the music instead of the heat etc. You might be able to cope and it's such good exercise


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