A Fib and summer heat/ pool time

Only been an a fibber for 6 mo(PAF) and volunteered to take grandkids to city pool later. Its 95 degrees, typical missouri weather. Im planning on wearing a big floppy hat, stay hydrated and in the cool water but wondering if Im asking for trouble. Part of me agrees "dont let a fib rule your life", other part of me is "you are 63 and have a fib, stay in the cool air girl". Thoughts ? Sink or swim, lol

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  • I'd say take it easy, stay hydrated, and enjoy! Maybe plan a short trip and see how it goes.

  • Hydration is everything but why not. Live a little!

  • Just survived the pool trip and enjoyed it totally; first times are a little scary for me- never used to b such a chicken pre a fib. Thanks for the input, who else would understand where these anxieties stem from💖

  • :-) I too am 63! And summer days of 95 with humidity is no fun, and can be a danger, as you already know; but as long as you do wear the floppy hat, stay well hydrated, and in the cool water I think you have a great plan to enjoy your day. If you feel uncomfortable, then it's back to the 'stay in the cool air, girl!' Have fun!

  • Hi Hoski,

    I agree with BobD - enjoy the water, life and especially the grand kids - blink and they're grown up...nothing more invigorating than a dive in the water - the ocean is even more exhilarating ☺

    Cheers, Musetta

  • Would LOVE to b at the ocean, nothing better but it's a 1000 mile drive. Funny you said that as I did go to the pool packed with kids, had a great time but when I first got in, had a moment of "am I ok or not?"... I think it was anxiety, so I pretended I was at the ocean and did a little deep breathing then I was fine. Glad I went, will not be as nervous next time. Thankyou😎

  • Excellent - happy you enjoyed:) I'm from Australia and only live a hop, skip and a jump from the sea. You'll have to treat your self to an ocean vacation someday!


    Musetta from Down Under

  • When I was on holiday in Florida I went into Afib and it knocked the stuffing out of me. After 3 days in bed sleeping I decided to go to the pool. Immediately I entered the pool my Afib disappeared and my heart rate went back to normal. I felt great for the rest of the holiday. I think it was the shock of the cool water that did the trick. Keep well. Patricia.

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