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I had cardio version for A F. 3 years ago and thankfully still no signs of reoccurring AF ,however I had a heart attack 6 months ago and a stent fitted,and now fine.

We have booked a 7 day holiday to Spain and I am looking for competitive travel insurance either for a single visit or an annual policy

Has anyone any recommendations .

Thanks Peter Francis.

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If you put Travel Insurance in the search box top right you will find lots of previous posts on this subject Peter. Also related posts on right.



My wife and I have annual cover worldwide (excluding the Americas) with SAGA. I have AF. Costs us about £300 p.a. Don't know how competitive that is?


Hi Francis

I use "Holidaysafe" and declare my AF and even with loading my annual policy (not america) is less than £150.00 and AF is covered.

Be well



The AF association website has a list of companies - I think it is under ' living with AF', anyway there is a section on travel. I just had to pay a lot as recently diagnosed with PAF, I think once you are settled down over 2 months since diagnosis or procedures it might be easier to get insurance


I have used Staysure three times. Twice for USA and once for Canada and they covered all of my medical conditions but it obviously costs a lot more than going to Europe. For my cruise to The Canary Islands this year I have used Holiday Express.


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