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Travel Insurance

Hi All, I'm on waiting list for an ablation in the next 3 + months, I cant get any travel insurance because I'm on a waiting list, I had insurance with Afib declared but It has expired ( they would'nt renew) so much for being honest !, so far no one will offer cover, I just need 10 days as I have a trip to china planned, any useful advice welcome

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Just looked up on Which for you. Hope all I've copied will paste in.


Travel insurance

Cover for those with medical conditions

Shop around if you've a medical condition as there is a wide range of rates

Best rate travel insurance for those with specific medical conditions

Which? analysed the travel insurance market to find the best rates for those potential travellers with specific pre-existing medical conditions.

Our scenarios covered a 70-year-old traveller going to Europe for 15 days and a 50-year-old traveller taking out an annual worldwide multi-trip policy. The scenarios concerned travellers with high blood pressure, diabetes and a slipped disc.

The policies included still had to meet our minimum criteria - at least £2 million (Europe) or £5 million (Worldwide) worth of medical cover (including air ambulance), at least £1,500 of cover for baggage or personal belongings, and cover for lost or stolen money, £3,000 for cancellation and curtailment, a minimum of £1 million of personal liability cover, a 24-hour emergency helpline that you can call for advice and help and cover for legal expenses.

Our standard Best Rate tables will show you the best policies for single-trip and annual worldwide cover if you don't suffer from a pre-existing medical condition.

Cover including pre-existing medical conditions

ProviderHigh blood pressure aDiabetes bSlipped-disc c

Best Rates: Single-trip (15-day trip to Europe for a 70 year-old)

Holidaysafe Premier£25£25-

The AA£30£30£37


Explorer Travel Insurance Platinum£36£36£36 Screen & Go Premier£38£38-

Flexicover Direct Gold--£46


Best Rates: Annual multi-trip (annual worldwide policy for a 50 year-old) Gold-£59-

MRL Insurance Premier£61£61-

Holidaysafe Premier£62£67- Gold£63-£63

Travel Insurance Medical Comp-£76-

Insureandgo Silver£77--

Flexicover Direct Gold£80£80£80


Biba Protect--£90


Table notes

Has had high blood pressure for two to three years and takes ramipril once a day. A non-smoker with normal cholesterol levels

Has type 2 diabetes and takes medication before each meal

Diagnosed with a slipped (prolapsed) disc in the lower back three months previously. Off work for six weeks

Premiums were gathered during March and April 2013. It's worth checking with the insurer as there is a possibility the premiums have changed. This information is updated on a six-monthly basis - next update is due in 20 November 2013.

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Call our experts on the Which? Money Helpline for travel insurance information to suit your needs

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Is your holiday at risk? Find out in our guide to holiday protection


Hi, You may care to take a look at the insurance company I use. Following my admission three times into hospital a year ago and diagnosed with PAF they were the only insurance company that would entertain me, The company is" Insure and Go" Good luck,C


Thank you for your replies,

I had insurance with PAF, but when I tried to renew they declined when I mention that I was on a waiting list for an ablation, in fact they told I wouldn’t get any until 6 weeks after the Op, I find myself in a catch 22 position , if I hadn’t mention this I would have been re-insured no problem ! It’s crazy to me, nothing has changed except I have a date to get fixed and I will take the trip before this, being on a waiting list is really bad news! , maybe I should take myself off and wait another year or so to get fixed…not a good idea but this stuff really makes my blood boil


MY guess is that since you are on a waiting list the insurance company do not want to cover you in case you are called in before the holiday takes place and claim under the cancellation clause. You can't blame them if that is the thinking as it could (and probably has ) happened. For what it is worth, don't beat yourself up about being honest. If you hadn't and subsequently made a claim, my insurance specialist tells me that failure to reveal a relevant fact would nullify the policy anyway if the company later found out.



Thank you BobD,

I had considered taking the trip before the ablation, I asked about just getting medical cover for 10days, nothing else so holiday cancellation won’t be an issue, there still not interested, but maybe I just haven’t found the right company yet.


I have been in your situation & I am afraid that you are unlikely to find a reputable company to insure you whilst you are waiting for treatment . Do not ever think about leaving out material facts when applying for insurance -- it is just not worth it . Insurance companies will look for any way to avoid paying out for a claim .Fact!



Just seen this post, but I think my experience is still relevant so I submit it anyway.

1) I was diagnosed Feb 2013 with AF and put on the waiting list for Cardioversion. First six companies I contacted would not insure me, as I had a procedure pending. My existing company cancelled my current cover, so I was left with a holiday already booked to Florida, facing uninsured losses of approx £1650! I did get a quote from Avanti who did agree to insure me for the 2 weeks but at a very high premium of £458 for the fortnight. I grudgingly paid it as it was more cost effective to go than cancel, especially as we were travelling with friends.

2) I subsequently re-insured with Avanti for an "Annual European Cover policy" (£303) to cover a trip to Tenerife in September 2013 and one planned but not booked to Cyprus in Feb 29014 I was hospitalised in Tenerife for two weeks following the September holiday, running up medical bills of over £10,000 and subsistence costs for my wife of around £1000. The insurance company eventually paid out in full, but only after having determined (from my last 3 years medical records supplied by my GP ) that I was not claiming for an undisclosed pre-existing condition!!

A long-winded way of saying - DO NOT TRAVEL WITHOUT ADEQUATE INSURANCE, particularly outside of EU. Pre-existing medical conditions can be insured, but you will find it difficult if not impossible to get cover with a procedure pending. I am waiting until after my catheter ablation is done to renew my cover. Don't have any dates yet, so holidaying in UK for the moment!!

Best of luck, Mallet-head


For what it’s worth….

I had an ablation done last year July 2013, at Barts, London, some 6 weeks later I was able to get travel insurance worldwide gold cover for my wife and myself for under £100, with a £500 excess if I needed any treatment associated with AF, thankfully I’ve been fine and have never looked back at those long dark Afib days, there is light at the end of the tunnel and everyday free of Af is a real bonus.


Thanks Sandra, Yes I believe your right,

Afib is a curse !


I have had travel cover in the past where I declared AF and got it at the standard rate as long as it did not cover AF. So if I had AF at any time and needed medical attention it wouldn't be covered. I had AF very regularly but I never have needed urgent medical attention, so it wasn't a problem. So you could try that approach.



I believe that the arrythmia alliance UK website ( has a list of insurance companies which can help those who have this problem in 2013.


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