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I thought that because I was waiting for an ablation I would not be able to get cover for travelling abroad. However, about 3 weeks ago a gentleman on this site (thank you Bryan) mentioned All Clear Options Travel Insurance. Today I filled in the online questionnaire and for me with AF and an under active thyroid and Mike with blood pressure they will cover us both for £78. Woo hoo, we are off to Portugal in May, I can't wait !!!!

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  • Did you actually state that you were awaiting a date for your ablation? Sandra

  • I used that site as well, they were very good and I got insurance travelling 2weeks after ablation which the other companies wouldn't offer. They do ask the question if you are waiting for a procedure Yatsura and they don't mind as they specialise in dealing with chronic conditions.

  • They did, I answered yes and they moved on to the next questions

  • That's interesting. I have used them several times but was under the impression that they did not cover when you are awaiting procedure ... must have got them mixed up with a different co. I tried to insure with, probably Saga. I am actually insured with All Clear for a cruise in 7 weeks time -- cost £ 205 for husband & myself (me 69, husband 66 ) , probably because I had unplanned hospital admissions in previous 12 months & other bits & bobs which I had to declare even though I am not affected by them now ( most AF related ). Sandra

  • I have recently got travel insurance from for a trip to France and Spain. Its all online, and they do ask some detailed questions. I am several years post-ablation and my wife has a thyroid problem, but they fully covered us for I think £55 for two weeks. The only slight annoyance is that all of the documents are supplied as pdf and the policy booklet is 50 pages long so add the cost of an ink cartridge! Churchill and others were more money, and for me excluded any consequence of "atrial fibrillation or any other circulatory or heart disorders" so no point trying to discuss your condition as their medical knowledge is obviously zero.

  • Waiting for an ablation is a non-issue, as long as the AF is covered that's fine. It doesn't indicate you're at more risk of anything other than more AF. It's not like you're waiting for a heart bypass! Don't forget your EHIC card for what it's worth as you're staying in the EU.


  • That's great! Have a wonderful time!

  • Thanks for the tip. I've made a note of it.

  • Thanks for all your comments. I'm so excited!!

  • The most I have ever paid for travel insurance is £22.00 and that is with long standing Afib and I've been all over the world, you need to shop around but happy hols

  • I've tried several companies Steve, they wouldn't insure me, so I'm very happy with this deal

  • Remember EHIC wont cover for cancellation of your holiday or if you have to come back early if your ill or if the ambulance takes you to a private hospital make sure you get properly insured! AllClear will cover even if awaiting a procedure no problem.

  • hi mamma . have a great time . you deserve it....

  • I've just been on the site MammaCass said I have COPD & Glaucoma & they want £276 for an annual cover out of my league I'm afraid so it makes me feel that I'm right in not bothering with insurance when I travel. Mind you I might try it again for a single trip! Enjoy your trip to Portugal

  • Do you need annual cover? How much was it for single trip?

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