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Hello everyone who answered my query regarding travel insurance whilst awaiting the results of a condition. After seeing the consultant yesterday who confirmed I had a vascular problem in my leg, but required me to have an ultra sound scan before he could advise treatment, I got full medical cover with All Clear Insurance today. It wasn't cheap but not ridiculously expensive, so thank you for everyone's replies and I am off to Menorca in five weeks time, yippee!!

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I was with All Clear, annual worldwide coverage, top-of-the-range gold policy or something like that. Came to go on holiday when the "beast from the east" came upon us. Apart from road blockages, airports being closed (ours wasn't totally closed), our house had frozen for the first time in 20 years.

It was early hours of the morning when we had to leave to (possibly) make it to the airport, so we couldn't sort the problem out. So we had no option but to stay and miss our flight. Our pipes took 4 days to eventually unfreeze. We made a claim but All Clear would not pay for loss of holiday because the pipes had not actually burst. I explained that (obviously) they likely would when they had thawed out, but the policy only covered actual burst pipes and they hadn't actually burst at the time, they were "only" frozen!!! I thought of involving the ombudsman but didn't bother.

We changed back to SAGA.

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pwoody in reply to Cyrtis

Having worked in insurance for many years, I think they were right not to honour your claim. No insurance company will insure for a "maybe" incident. I hope I don't have any trouble if I have to make a claim.

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Cyrtis in reply to pwoody

Absolutely, they did nothing wrong otherwise I would have taken in further.

But nevertheless it made me wonder what is actually covered if something happens at the last minute that isn't simple. The thing with frozen pipes is they usually (almost always in my experience) burst or leak at a joint somewhere when they defrost, so we just couldn't go as you can imagine. We had to leave by 5 a.m. to get to airport. Pipes did burst, and the main joint into the house started leaking, but not for 4-5 days when they defrosted.

It was a nightmare, the whole country, roads and airports were in gridlock with snow. News was saying don't travel and I doubt we'd have actually made it to the airport even if we had left the house frozen. We couldn't believe when our plane did actually take off.

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pwoody in reply to Cyrtis

Yes, it must have been an awful experience for you and I hope nothing like that happens to you again. All the best.

Wonderful news - have a lovely time!

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pwoody in reply to irene75359

Thank you

Glad you got it sorted .Enjoy your holiday Menorca is beautiful x

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pwoody in reply to Ladypaula

Thank you, and I intend to enjoy my holiday after all the worry.

So glad you got sorted, have a wonderful holiday. AllClear have enabled us to have many lovely holidays since I was diagnosed. Also paid out last year when my husband got ill on a cruise.

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pwoody in reply to ETFCfan

Thank you. That is nice to know.

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