Relief of Osteoarthritis pain whilst taking Rivaroxaban

I have had osteoarthritis in my shoulders for a while now. In the past I have used Movelat or Ibuleve gel. As the former contains salicylic acid and the latter Ibuprofen I don't think that I can use either now that I am taking Rivaroxaban. I did ask the local pharmacist, but she said that although there were products that didn't contain NSAIs, she didn't know how they would react with the anticoagulant.

Can anyone suggest a product that is effective and safe to use.

Thanks in anticipation.


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  • I think the gel's are still safe to use, I'm sure its the medication that's a No No!

    Would be worth checking with your anti coag clinic!

    Happy New Year,


  • My GP did say that the amount of gel absorbed into the blood stream was negligible. I would say that with any NSAIDs the risk is more to the AF than antiocoagulation as they are known to promote it.

  • Thanks Bob. I've been AF free since my ablation, so think I will risk the Movelat.

  • Arnica gel is supposed to be as effective as other anti-inflammatory gels.

  • When I mentioned Arnica at the hospital I was told not to use as it increases the effect of Warfarin.

  • I had this trouble as NSAIDS are not good for people like us, or the elderly. After taking paracetamol to no comfort I switched to Co-Dydramol and one tablet every day keeps my OA under control. When I have it under control I stop even this tablet as my body gets used to it and I would have to take more for the same effect.( which I don`t want to do.) So I have a running battle with pain and how to control it without becoming addicted to pain killers.

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