Hey Everyone, quick update!!

I posted 4months ago about being diagnosed with AF.


That's the link for anyone interested.

Since being on Bisprosol 2.5mg a day my heart rate is about 60bpm. I had an ultrasound and holster monitor all showed no underlying issues.

Cardiologist at West Middlesex Hospital was through and now I have been referred to see an EP, by the name of Dr Lim, who primarily works at Hammersmith Hospital and googling him, has shown he is very well respected in his field!

I fall under the 18 week rule, 6 weeks for a consultation and 6 weeks for a surgery date and 6 week follow up.

From my calculations I could have my ablation some time in March of next year, my partner's due date is March 24th!! I have a huge dilemma whether to delay it for a month.

I have had 4 AF attacks since diagnosis, all short less then 5 minutes.

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  • I doubt that the dates will be when you expect as these things tend to slip even in the best run hospitals. I would worry that if you cancel then the clock starts all over again so do check your options.

  • I Thought about this to Bob. I have a huge dillema, having a son on the way, tired partner, she will need my support, timing is a bit iffy to be honest.

  • See my response below.

  • Totally agree with Bobs response. Good luck

  • At the moment definitely do nothing and say nothing. For starters some trusts will count that as a refusal. Some have the rule 2 refusals or 1 missed appointment and you are kicked back to GP. Also the 17 rule no longer applies I was told.

    As BobD says things don't go to clockwork for sure. You can raise it at the consultation with Dr Lim as an OPEN question only by saying what are the current timescales. Then when he gives them you can say oh I was concerned because of the baby arrival. Then he may suggest a later date on medical grounds because of stress and recuperation time. That way you have a clean sheet.

  • Excellent advice Peter!

  • Too many people ask closed questions which medics generally then say what the patient is expecting or what they interpret the patient wants to hear!!!

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