Update on cardioversion

This morning I rang the ccu ward at the hospital and was greeted as a friend . I learnt that my doctor had been in touch with them and also the consultant . They told me a new date for my cardioversion at the end of March and were very helpful. I feel much calmer now and hope to see my gp this week to see if anything else can lower my pulse. Today is the first day that I got up for breakfast, it's been a long haul. My body feels as though it's working a lot better and I'm eating properly. Inr around 2 and they seem pleased with this. Just to keep you all up to date I always am interested in how you are all coping. Be well. Terry

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  • Glad to hear it. Keep well and calm

  • good news take it easy now

  • Great Terry! sounds like progress - anything even small is to be noted as you did. Keeps you going. I say to my clients who might be struggling, any progress is progress AND sometimes just staying in place is progress! Take care

  • Thank you all you are right Iris I really got a big boost by feeling that I was remembered and not just a number on a list. Made me feel so much more comfortable with the thought of going into having my cardioversion, just worried about what med they'll try on me next my reaction to digoxin and Amiodarone was so awful that I don't think I'd survive again. This site helps so much. Thank you Terry.

  • UNfortunately often this is trial and error. You'll find the right combination! Keep us posted!

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