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A little update, just started warfarin, had 1st INR check today

Hi everyone,

I posted once before a few weeks back when I first had AF mentioned by my GP... I went for my 1st cardiologist appt a couple of weeks ago & he confirmed persistent AF (based on my 3 ECGs since Nov '13 all showing AF) and plans on cardioversion as soon as I'm stably anti coagulated. I had an echo and a 24hr ECG all showing no heart defects & just confirming the AF and so I'm now waiting on a cardiac MRI in Reading next week, and if that shows up nothing untoward then it'll be a cardioversion asap after that.

I started on the Warfarin last week and my first INR check was this morning - I got a 1.3 so still quite a way before I reach my goal of 2.5. (I was REALLY nervous about starting the Warfarin for some reason, it's just the idea of uncontrollably bleeding and not noticing..... highly unlikely I know, but it's funny how your mind plays tricks on you!)

Having started the year feeling pretty set back by the AF and quite down about it, I'm now feeling much more positive (having lived with the symptoms for possibly years anyway) and I'm so glad to be being treated quickly and well by my doctors, plus finding this forum and the help and support it offers - I'm actually quite looking forward to the cardioversion now, when it finally happens. I can't wait to see if it actually works (although I don't have my hopes up too highly, of course).

Best wishes and good health to you all :)

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I too was nervous about warfarin. You hear tales about how difficult it is. I have found it to be very easy and it is like having a comfort blanket protecting you.


Hi lulu77, Has it had any impact on your lifestyle, I know it's early day, I start warfarin on Thursday and have first clinic appt, just wondered if it's thrown up any obstacles or changes you have had to make. I'm really not comfortable with the whole thing, not sure if my fears are due to lack of u understanding? But I do have real fear that something will happen and I will not stop bleeding!


Hi 4Charl,

I know exactly what you mean, I felt the same. Still do a bit, but the doc and nurse I've seen specifically about warfarin have both put my mind at ease. No side effects from the tablets - I've started on pink 5mg per day and at today's appointment I've been told to stay at 5mg for the next 3 days. With all the technology and auto printouts at the clinic, I have to say it does give a warm feeling of being well looked after, which is reassuring. I'm still yet to see how my lifestyle & diet affect my INR readings - as most things seem to affect how warfarin works. I confess I have made a few slight changes consciously, particularly alcohol (guidance says max 2 units a day) and being more aware of limiting leafy greens and eating more healthily in general! Given my diet before my diagnosis, this can only be a good thing!!

Good luck with your first clinic visit, ask lots of questions and I'm sure it will go well :)


Thanks for the reply, that's reassuring you felt looked after at the clinic. I'm starting warfarin as I have paroxysmal af, I'm extremely symptomatic and do not tolerate the medication well, so I'm waiting for a pulmonary vein Isolation, also further ablation for svt these conditions have been very debilitating for me over the last 4 years, and at first I was told I was going mad and got sent to a shrink, an awful journey, eventually I had a reveal device implanted in my chest that showed up clear as day my heart problems, I really could write a book on the mishaps, I was even treated for epilepsy.... ... so glad to of found this forum, it's really comforting reading people's experiences and the understanding is there... at 35 I really want to get better from this or at least a better quality of life than I have now. Good luck also to yourself.... :-)


I started taking warfarin a couple of weeks ago after having to change my GP because he refused to put me on it, even though the EP had written to him requesting he prescribe it. The new GP was very thorough in explaining the whys and wherefores, and yes I must go on eating my greens (I'm a vegitarian) and if I want the odd glass of wine I can have it, they will work around my eating habits and adjust my level with extra or less warfarin. I had a bit of a bump and was very bruised, I went to the doctors with my husband who was quite ill and even though the GP was seeing my husband he picked up on it and read me the riot act. I thought it would have been too soon for the warfarin to have kicked in so I hadn't bothered about the bruise and break through bleed!! Oop!! No other side effects, no constipation, no nausea, the only side effect I can see is that it's going to keep me alive. Wonderful stuff


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