Forgot to take my Xarelto :(

Had a bit of an iffy week this week however I take my meds RELIGIOUSLY...terrified not to, but just checking my Rivaroxaban (anticoagulant) I've noticed that tonight's pill was labelled "Wednesday"...I KNOW I took one yesterday but have obviously forgotten to take it one evening since Thursday last....but I have no idea how it's even possible, I live my life around my meds...8.30 morning and evening......what's happening to my addle little brain??? 😰

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  • We all get mixed up from time to time. Scary I know. You would think with all the care we take that we would always get it right but life's not like that unfortunately. The good thing is you have today's and you took yesterday's so the mistake, if you made one, was a few days ago and you came to no harm.

    I take rivaoxaban too so know how key it is to take it at the same time each day. Don't be too hard on yourself we have all been there.

  • Thank you my lovely....just cannot figure out how I didn't take it when i'm so afraid of not taking's a ritual every evening....makes no sense....except for my complete brain fog and memory loss of late...but even so....where did my mind go hey - duh??!!! :/

  • Oh last week I went to take Thursday's and found Wednesdays still there. Panic!!! Then I realised it WAS Wednesday but as wife was not working last week we did our usual Thursday lunch on Wednesday! Stupido! Easily done. You are still here so forget it.

  • I don't think there is any foolproof way of remembering to take meds - I set my iphone alarm to go off at 6.30pm and then again at 7pm but forgot when we had company and I was preparing a meal. I am still here too!

  • Nothing wrong with your brain, Delle! However, I find that any mistake like yours sets me off thinking I'm on the way to dementia! We're so ultra-aware of ourselves that everything becomes frightening. Now be a good girl and take it easy - your posts on here are always a pleasure - no evidence of decline - just a little panic.

    Love and a hug,

    Pat x

  • Thank you Pat...a little panic??!! I would say a constant state of mega panic...wish they would sort me out...been all but house/bed bound for three months...exhausted, breathless, weak and dizzy....thank heavens for online grocery shopping that's all I can say...or the cats and I would starve!! ;)

  • Oh, Delle, that does sound horrible. First, I would say push your GP to get an early cardiology appointment. Second, you must have a word with the cats - they are meant to calm and soothe you - they are not doing their job properly! (Cat person myself). If all else fails, ring 111 - they have rescued me twice. The paramedics are wonderful.

    Pat x

  • Oh THANK YOU've made me laugh!!! ;) Off to bed now...night night x

  • Don't worry. I sometimes have had to miss Rivaroxaban to allow bleeding to stop or prior to an intrusive biopsy. 24 hours is usually enough but I was recently told to stop for 48 hours to sort a bleed. I should say, I'm in NSR when I do this. Otherwise, I have a 7 compartment pill box, marked with days and a reliable little timer that goes off at 6.00pm just as I'm starting tea, so the pill goes down with the food!! That's about as organised as I can get.......and yes, I have still missed occasionally!

  • Thank you for your reassurance....not doing at all well these last 4 months, all but housebound and not able to get an appointment with the Cardiologist...:( Delle

  • Try asking for a referral to an EP - and telling your GP again how bad you are in the process - it might wake them up? If we sit at home suffering, they imagine all is well. Sometimes we have to rattle the cages on our own behalf!

  • Thank you GP is pushing for me to be off Sotalol, she knows just how ill I fact a few weeks back she came to my home, took me to the surgery foran ECG and brought me back home...cannot fault her, however the cardiologist is not responding...My GP has halved my dose already and things are slowly improving....still pretty useless but out of bed now....feeling very lost in all of this...I was fine initially when discharged from hospital in late June....but things went pear shaped mid September...seem to have flu, but that was the start of my bed bound months...and my total idea what's going on...and with it being almost Christmas, it;s not the best tiem to be seeking medical one really cares...although I need to find and EP...i'm in S E Wales, but not found one local to me!

  • Keep at it, Delle. Sometimes things go smoothly - then it all goes awry! Happened to me when I was sailing along with nicely controlled AF and suddenly hit with unassociated extra problems. Philosophical outlook is called for....what is and will be - will be. I'm sure things will get better. 😊😃👍

  • I try to take my meds as part of bedtime routine. I know some say with food, but at least I am sure all are taken when tied into the tooth brushing, etc. Even after a heavy night of libations , I have not missed one yet!

  • Brilliant...what puzzles me is that I took my betablocker, but not the Xalrelto...I always take them together at 8.30 pm....I just don't understand how I failed to take it.....duh! :)

  • Don't worry too much. The anticoagulant stays in your system for a few days. Just don't take an extra one. Mark the calendar or diary each time you take one. Keep well

  • I find that when I do something regularly, eg taking my tablets straight after breakfast, it becomes so automatic, that if I become distracted I just carry on with life and lose sight of the fact that I haven't actually taken them. It is so easily done. Perhaps you need to have a system of always checking eg at 'coffee time' aka about 11am, say, that you have actually taken them.

    If you feel better for having cut down the solatol, then talk to your doctor about decreasing them further (but don't do it on your own). I don't think this should require the cardiologist's approval as it is just about adjusting the dose, not about changing the actual medication. It may really help.

  • My husband gave a pill box with the days of the week morning and nights.

    Not missed one pill,I'm not going to say it's the best gift my husband has ever given to me ! But very useful!


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