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2nd week post cryoablation

Hi all, this is my 2nd week almost, did drive to local shops on day 10 and went to Docs today day 13. No problems with heart palps and ecg's normal. Still have trouble with IBS digestion, but no problem. I had a very sore left arm and neck on day 6 but the doc thinks its muscular skeletal ( I can go to physio if I want) but can go back if it gets worse. So feeling pretty good. I see my local Cardiologist on the 26th, and the EP in December.

Thanks to you all

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It's good to hear that all is well after your ablation. Long may it continue.



Thanks jeanjeannie taking it easy in between, have another exhibition of my Art work this week but getting some help with that for setting up, so as not to stress too much. Hope things are well with you.


Glad to hear things are going well, same here ,I too have had a very sore right arm due to them not being able to get the canular in the artery he tried 3times while I was awake and several after asleep arm was black from elbow down it is now an awful shade of yellow ,but not as painful.hope you continue to do well xx


Glad to hear Mazza, my bruising didn't extend that far, but its still black near the wrist area, its odd that my neck and shoulder were painful including my hand. Maybe its just old people malaise from being manhandled when transferring to another bed? Can't complain really, its an amazing thing to have done. I am going out today, this time to the bigger shopping centre, further afield but intend to go half speed.

A friend is coming to help me organize my paintings to the gallery for another exhibition this coming week, and its all ready to go, so will be able to relax then for a few days. So glad you can take it easy, its hard sometimes to do that. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you too, hope you keep on relaxing.


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