Help! Medicine I can use for common cold?

Oh boy, just came down with a head cold on Friday. It's getting bad with running nose, head congestion and now coughing. Can anyone tell me what's safe to take. I had a cryoblation done on July 21, 2016 and am only taking Eliquis. I'm terrified of going back into afib by taking some cold medication, but I feel like I've been run over by a truck. Doctor's office never calls back... too many patients, not enough office help apparently. Can you guys tell me what you take? Last year before I knew I had AFIB, my doctor prescribed Hydrocodone/CPM Susp (Generic for Tussionex Pennkineti) to take. Is it safe??

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  • Hi Kjab

    We cannot really advise on medication, go down to your local pharmacist and they will be able to help, personally I would take paracetomol, but I have no idea how that will work with any other drugs you take, fairly sure it does not intefere with Eliquis.

    Most of the over the counter cold medicines contain either aspirin or iburprofen, or even worse decongestants, all of which I am fairly sure will contra-indicate with your condition.

    Be well


  • I was told to avoid all cold remedies and cough mixtures which can contain ingredients which affect heart rhythm or anticoagulants. Until you can talk to your chemist, hot drinks (non alcoholic, natch), especially with honey or lemon will help you feel better.

    My drugs are Apixaban, Bisoprolol and Flecainide and my GP prescribed paracetamol for a stinker I had. I'm also a great fan of a hot water bottle, bed and a good book.


  • I asked the same question and now I can only take Paracetamol and even if it's a migraine. My sympathies too.

  • Good old fashioned Hot Toddy and bed. Hot lemon and honey, with rum if you can take alcohol, add a few cloves and I use Olbas oil - few drops in steamer for inhalation.

    I also use Fist Defense at the very first sign of a cold and as a propralactic - really helps!

    I was told no cold remedies at all - paracetamol if I had high temperature or aches and pains.

  • After I was diagnosed they put me on annual flu jab. Not had anything other than a sniffle since then, he said confidently!!!

    Not what you're asking I realise.

  • I asked my GP what I could use when I had a viral - which later turned into a bacterial chest infection as I'm taking Warfarin, Bisoprpol and Flecanide and was informed to use a product called Sterima for colds and Rhinitis. It's a 100% natural sea water spray and is an over the counter product. Its the first thing I reach for when I'm feeling congested and I never feel the need to use oral medications.

  • Whoops sorry for missing a letter but I hope it works for you.


  • Kjab here is what I take 1)

    Sambucol liqiud (elderberry extract stops cough, kills flu virus and other viruses;

    2) oil of oregano vulgaris 2 drops only -very strong-- kills viruses, fungal infections, parasites

    3) olive leaf extract -only 6--10 drops, not the recommended 30--it can lower blood pressure--the best herbal bacterialpathogen killer

    4) N-acetyl-cysteine: an anti inflammatory amino acid that has an affinity for the lungs--also a mucolytic ( it breaks down congestion and makes it able to be absorbed into the lymph system and also to be coughed up/sneezed out)--stops any wheezing

    5) Reduced Glutathione--master antioxidant-- but it removes the fluid and viruses that are hanging out comfortably (for them not for you) in the space between the outside of the lungs and the lining around the outside of the lungs--enables you to breath more deeply and more comfortably. This "safe" place for the viruses makes it hard to get rid of them and the extra fluid that goes with their inflammation makes it hard to take a deep breath.

    6) Quercetin 120 mg.--a natural antihistamine and antiinflammatory.

    all these things should open up your nasal, sinus, and lung passages and lower the congestion, also stop post nasal drip

    I use all this stuff because it works very well--and I have had intensely adverse reactions to over the counter meds for various cold symptoms and also to some antibiotics. Alot of the oct and Rx. cold meds can trigger afib and also have various adverse effects anyway.

    Everyone is different--but this works like magic for me (thank goodness I found something that does!!!)

  • Kjab you should go on internet seqrch to make sure none of theswe things interferes with any drugs you are taking. Also the salt nasal spray/wash recommended below is very good if used at the first sign of a cold. I used something called "salt air": and other companies have a saline/salt sinus spray/

  • Kjab also very helpful bone broth (get marrow bones from butcher-cook 24 hours-cool- put in frig later remove thick hard fat layer--put back on stove for 4 more hours with cut up root veggies:fennel, leeks, onion,carrot, rutabaga, turnip)--labor intensive but tastes incredibly good--include a shank bone with meat for flavor-- and also incredibly medicinal--I think this soup is so medicinal it could raise the dead.--But all you need is to cure your cold. Try it.

  • I have a suggestion, may sound crazy but it worked for me. Just get some Vicks VapoRub and spread it on your feet, put on socks and go to bed. This idea was given to me by a 99 year old gentlemen who has used Vicks this way for years.

  • tapper70 This does not sound crazy. In Chinese medicine there are 2 locations where the 2nd and 3rd toes attach to the foot where if you have intense pain this means you have a lung infection, tumor etc. The energy meridians from your lungs connect to this part of your foot, and if you were getting a reflexology treatment (therapeutic target foot massage based on location of foot of energy meridians to various body parts) the practitioner would go to that location for bronchitis, asthma etc. However , some people are allergic to camphenes(chemical class) and for them vicks vaporub will cause sever lung problem. due to the menthol content (which is a camphene).

  • Didn't work for me but have heard many say it fors

  • Does that should be

  • I don't think I can begin to thank everyone here enough who has taken the time to try to help me. You are all so wonderful and kind and I appreciate you taking time out to give me advice. This forum means the world to me... I don't think I'd get through most days without the people here. I made the mistake of taking the Tussionex Pennkineti that my PCP had given me last year for a cold, and it was the worst night in a long time. I couldn't sleep at all because my heart was beating so hard and erratically. I think I'd rather suffer with the head cold and coughing because it will pass eventually. I did have tea and honey today which helped. Wish I could have a shot of liquor in it, but I avoid alcohol, caffeine, and processed sugars (I think my sweet tooth triggered my AFIB). Better safe than sorry:)

  • I'm in the same boat as well I think I'm going to er

  • I just use tea tree oil a couple of drops in steam inhalation. It's anti viral and anti bacterial, this convinces me I will soon improve!!

  • At the first sign of a cold take 1 grm of Vitamin C. This may kill the cold. If not, you can take 1 grm every two hours (when you're awake) for two days, then reduce to 1grm am, lunchtime and pm, and once in the night if you wake. This will help to ward off the chest infections etc. If the runny nose etc get too much then take less - those symptoms are a nuisance but actually indicate that your immune system is working well on the problem. (It is cheapest to buy it at a health food store, or you can use 500 grm tablets from the same place)

  • I use green bottle Ginger and lemongrass made with very hot water. My pharmacist always recommends steaming and a sinus rinse.

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