Ablation and Dementia

I have been posting and relplying a lot these last few days mainly because I'm having a Cryoablation on Octobef 19. I finished pre op testing yesterday so I guess this means I'm set to go or run away! Your posts and replies are helping me so much , I can't thank you enough. Helping me make my decision I have read some information about atrial fibulation and dementia. As many of us know, many of the medications we take causes us to experience brain fog. Turns out that this brain fog isn't just from medication but from AFib iirself. AFib left untreated can cause Alzheimer's disease. I wasn't aware of this but it does make sense.

I found an article by Dr John Day . He was part of a study which concluded that ablation on AFib sufferers who were successfully cured greatly reduced there chance of developing dementia. He also stated that lifestyle changes were important after ablation.

Knowing this information has convinced me that the path of ablation and continuing healthy lifestyle is the answer for me, hope you all find this informative , Gracey

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  • I think the mechanics is multiple mini clots causing microscopic strokes affecting tiny areas of the brain. Always good to get rid of AF if possible.

    Good luck not that you will need it.


  • Agreed, Bob. The key is to make sure you're coagulated continuously through the ablation. It's a very high risk procedure for micro-emboli which cause brain fog and ultimately dementia. Anti-coagulation with warfarin or NOACs is very effective in preventing these as long as it's uninterrupted.

  • There are many reasons why you may develop brain fog, yes AF may be one of them, but there are also many other causes such as people with autoimmune diseases, neurological conditions, infections such as Lymes Disease or those nutritionally deficient or oxygen deprived, alcohol and drug use, or sleep deprived will also experience brain fog.

    I am currently taking Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy which is has really helped brain fog.

  • Very interesting, can you explain hyperbaric therapy? Gracey

  • I had terrible brain fog the day after my ablation could hardly string two words together I had never had a GA before so put it down to that . I have had a pretty good recovery so far went out for the first time yesterday only a ride in the car and afternoon tea was shattered by the time got home heart had a few little hiccups so goes to show we have to take it easy . Sure you will be fine I wanted to do a runner right up to the last minute but glad I didn't xx

  • Thanks Mazza, yes I'm terrified! I have never had GA either and not looking forward to it. I'm glad you are doing well and thank you for your support. October 19 is coming, Gracey

  • Just remember you are not alone xx

  • Mazza, thank you, Gracey

  • If you need someone to talk to you can message me Marie x

  • Hi Gracey - article sounds really interesting have you got a link to it or title so I can search for it?

    Best wishes


  • Cathy, I'm sorry but I didn't save the link. It was one of those nights when I couldn't sleep so just was scrolling around on my phone. I know it was an article on dr John Day so maybe you can find it. Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful! Gracey

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