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Just seen that a until recently Wales international rugby player has just completed the Wales ironman event, after being diagnosed with AF and having an ablation, just to let you know it consists of

2.5 mile open sea swim

112 mile bike ride

26.2 mile run

He completed in 13 hours

Maybe a little feel good message that this condition can be overcome and goals reached or even life maintained

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It's actually quite common in triathletes. There are 3 of us in our club of 150. 2 have done ironman, 1 half ironman and one has done more than100 marathons. All have paf.


Good going! I believe the 26.2 miles includes the ascent of Snowdon, just to make it fun. I think the first finishers cross the line in about 12 hours. The only person I know who has done it (apart from my EP) took almost 20 hours - she set off at 7 am and finished a bit before 3 am. She had some trouble moving and indeed standing the following day, but a huge sense of achievement.


This one is in Tenby every year, 3 of my friends took part this year and completed it, the quickest in 12 hours, an amazing achievement


There's more than one then!


Yes it's a worldwide brand, they hold them all over the world... original one started in hawaii


My son in law took part in this yesterday and completed in in 11 hours! This is his third iron man.


Hats off to him, that's an incredible time,

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It's hard to keep a good athlete down...take that AFIB!!!!!!!!

geegee :)


We were ambling round Padarn Park in Llanberis when it suddenly became full of Iron Men on their last half mile after being up Snowdon etcetera... Boy, did they look tired... Only had to swim a bit of lake and climb an inflatable mountain at that point, so I'm sure AF wouldn't have held any of them down! I, on the other hand, was exhausted just watching them :)


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