With A-Fib---you just never know-----

People without A-fib would have a very hard time realizing just how frustrating this condition is. Lately - I've been quite sure of fail safe return to NSR from morning AF if I jumped on my bike and started my morning 12 mile ride. Almost always, between mile 3-5 I am happily back in sinus. It has been working without fail foa at least the past dozen episodes. I have even given thought to taking a "midnight ride" if an attack should come on the evening.

But this morning, I completed the most miserable 12 mile ride of my life in AF without end. Staggered in ( well not really staggered..lol) when I got home as discouraged as could be and slumped in the living room chair feeling very sorry for myself, as my magic cure had failed me.

My wife brought me another of my "tricks" - two bottles of OJ which I dejectedly drank - and promptly jumped into sinus.

You just never know with this condition...AAAArrggggg.

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  • Hmm, will have to get my dusty bike out of the garage and give it an oiling! Bottles of OJ here I come!

    People always tell me how well I look, makes me feel like I'm putting it on that I have AF. Gosh doesn't it just drag you down at times!!

    Interesting post.


  • Yesjeanjeanie you are right, people don't know how awful you feel when you have an AF attack, I know I feel like I am going to die, am just useless and feel really ill, I often think people think I am putting it on, thank goodness for AF family on here, Sann

  • Know the feeling because I live in west Australia and spend all the time I can in my garden I am always quite brown and healthy looking as well as having the English skin so always get the BUt you look so well they don't know what you are struggling with on the inside

  • Oh dear! I know your pain. I used to be the same with running. AF would start as soon as I started to run but then a few sprints and walks would settle it back to NSR. But that eventually stopped working! Are you a suitable person for Ablation? I had one 14 months ago and I've never looked back.

  • Sue, I am so happy ablation has worked for you. Unfortunately, I have had two ablations and my EP ( who's the Head of Duke University's Afib Lab) tells me he has "burned all he can". While the duration of episodes is drastically reduced, the frequency ( 6-8 per month lasting from 1 - 6 hours) has increased. I apparently have a very stubborn case.

  • I think mainly from reading here that the cure can often be a cause as well e.g. a cause can be a swim in a cold sea but a cure can be splashing your face with cold water.

    I have not tested this and it may be to do with the vagal nerve but i think i can see the logic.

  • I have always wondered about going to the gym during AF episode as raising your natural sino atrial node rate would over ride the AF.

    However doesnt exercise and increased work load on the heart during AF possibly cause increased risk of heart failure due to reduced ejection fractions etc??

  • I am in constant AF even after 2 cardioversions, 1 lasted 10 days, the second only 3 days. I can barely walk from my front door, to the car, as my breathing has become so bad, plus I cough a lot, I think that is one of the drugs. So glad you can correct yours with excercise, very jealous. lucky you

  • For me, exercising while in AF makes it far worse in the short term. I haven't dared to keep pushing through it. I'm interested to know it works for you.

    I once tried to ride my bike up a hill while in AF. Well I thought I was having a heart attack the irregularity got so bad. I had to stop and get off my bike, and I was in such a terrible state I just let it crash down onto the road. I stood stooped over with my hands on my knees on the grass, white faced with the absence of blood - my heart was crazed, crashing through my chest one moment, then nothing as though I'd temporarily died, then another crazed thunder of heart beats, then another temporary death - it took 15 minutes of controlled breathing for my heart to return to its normal AF state - my bike looked like road kill in the street and I must have looked distraught. But do you think anyone stopped to help? Several people walked by - not one asked if I was okay. It's a feeling of profound isolation and fear I'd prefer not to repeat :)

  • Dang - that sounds very frightening, and is the perfect example of how everyone seems to react differently to various triggers, etc. Also sorry to hear about the apathy of the passers-by.

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