Old Kardia device not working?

I thought my old Kardia was not working any more, as despite changing the battery twice it seemed dead. This was a pity as my cardiologist was relying on me to record any ' funnies' after my ablation last December which seemed to have been very successful up until a few weeks ago when I had a 2 hour burst of AF.

Then I thought I would try a decent battery instead of the cheap lot I used before, fitted the kind bunnies favour and !!!!! we are back in business.

I know other people have reported problems so thought it worth a mention. Also I have been given a free subscription to Kardia premium as an early adopter....

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  • How did you find out about the free subscription Buffa? I too was one of the first to get a Kardia (Alivecor). And thanks for the advice about a decent battery, it's all too easy to go for the cheap stuff! JanR

  • I think it was when I went to my settings but I had not used the app for months and when I did several pop-ups appeared, so not sure. I had great difficulty getting rid of the Google Fit one 😡

  • Thanks for that buffafly - glad it worked.

    I was offered the Premium service - when I updated my app - but it said at the bottom the free time was on the US only. Will recheck.

  • Only some parts are available 'at this time' I see.

  • Yes

  • how did you get the premium bit? That came up on my device but then seemed to want payment? Any advice welcome!!

  • I had this offer a few months back. It came up as a free trial. I have an email of 17 March which gave this offer and it said upgrade was free until 30 September. Then quite a few weeks later came back with offer of free lifetime.

    On 12 May I emailed Kardia as I hadn't had been able to initiate nor get any reports and the response that came back same day was "All users are already enrolled into the trial period of Kardia Premium; there is no need to initiate that experience." Then on 13 May I asked about reports and they responded "The reports will be issued directly from our servers on a regular basis. The app can also be used to gain information over a period by using the Insights section.".

    I have received email each month subject "Your Kardia Beat for xxx" and the table in the email is called "Your personal heart health report, part of the Kardia Premium service."

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