Mosquito Spray ,any advice please

Mosquito spray ,going to the Gili islands in Bali in sept to celebrate my sons 30 th birthday as he lives in Australia,as I'm taking warfarin and beta blockers fluid tablets and thyroxine,can anyone recommend a spray that I can use that hopefully won't interfere with my meds ,also a bit confused when checking out the boat that goes across to the islands it said warning for people with heart conditions ,anyone got any ideas ?thanks Brenda

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  • My wife who for many years went on Safaris in places renowned for evil bugs, leeches and similarly unpleasant creatures swears by 100% Deet available from MIllets. You would need to check the label for any contra indication but have pleasure in the fact that being on warfarin as you are you will probably kill anything that does get through the barrier. he he.

  • Thanks bob

  • Check with your pharmacist. Different repellants are effective in different parts of the world apparently.

  • Sounds a wonderful trip but on the negative side, do make sure you have notified travel insurance of all your health probs. I would also check Medical facilities in the Gili Islands on the Home office web site and Fit for travel so you know all about the destination risks. Enjoy your trip 🌞

  • Hi 3killens.

    I have done the trip although I got off at Lombok, and did not go onto the Gili islands, instead I took the trip up to Komodo.

    OK mosquito repellent, yes take a pharmacists advice but DEET it by far the best and remember this does not go on your skin but on your clothes to keep them at bay. Most of the ones that spray on the skin are not that effective but when you are in Bali go and buy some of the local stuff comes in a green bottle and smells very lemony, that one works well as well.

    I have to say I have an invisible sign over my head that says "dine here" to mosquitos, but I did not come across that many in Bali or Lombok obviously avoid dusk without being protected.

    Boat ride? I think they are just covering their insurance risk, providing you are using one of the reputable fast boat companies (and there are many) then you will be fine, bit choppy as you probably know the waves round there are quite large.

    Be well


  • Thank you so much Ian

  • Mozzies are a pest but I find the sand flies worse make sure to spray your legs and feet especially at night Johnson's off is a good one you can get in Bali cheaper if you do get bitten a cream called delapan delapan is very good you get it in Bali hope you have a good time

  • Skin so soft by Avon is one of life's little secrets for those darned mossies.. it's an oil spray that has worked for me for many years it is not sold as an insect repellent but I can assure you it's works brilliantly..I believe it was discovered by troops on manoeuvres in the Scottish highlands where mosquitos really are a problem..also used by fishermen the world over its available obviously from Avon but also on a well known auction the best I have ever used and used to get eaten alive before I was recommended this brilliant product.

  • DEET is effective but hazardous. It's toxic to humans and melts fabrics like polypro and nylon. I use picaridin in the maximum strength - 20%. It's supposed to be as effective as DEET, and I would say that's pretty close, if not accurate. My experience with it has been very good in the wilderness of northern Minnesota in the spring, when the mosquitoes and blackflies hatch. Herbal Armor (see below) also works, but not as well.

    I also suggest spraying your clothes with permethrin. There are several brands on the market; I use Sawyer. You spray it on the clothes you'll be wearing outdoors and let it dry overnight. When dry, it's safe for you but not for bugs.

    Finally, I like to use a repellent lotion. Again, there are several on the market. My preferred is Herbal Armor, which is, as the name indicates, an herbal concoction. It lasts only a few hours but that's OK. It comes in both a spray and a lotion.

    Enjoy your trip.

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