Just taken first flecainide

Being pathetic! After a few delays I have taken first flecainide (50mg) at home, with ecg and check up booked for 12 September.

Just a bit scared as I know many people start it in a medical location on a ECG. When do I worry?

Had AF today since 4am when I was dragged out of a deep sleep by a crying child and as soon as I jolted upright it kicked in. So after a lot of dithering I decided to pop the pill. Due another dose this evening.

If it works, when do you think my AF will calm down? Full bag of works wriggling like billy-o right now!

Thank you friends. X

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  • When prescribed flec almost 2 years ago I just started mine at home.

  • Do your episodes usually go on for a long time and has that one tablet calmed your heart at all? If you are concerned and having quite a bad attack I would call your GP's surgery, explain the situation and ask if you can speak to someone regarding whether you can take another pill.


  • Hi ,

    When I was on it ,it usually took a couple of hours to kick in, but we are all different, I was started on it in drip form in hospital but only because I had just had my ablation and

    AF returned the minute I returned to the ward!

    I think you can take at least 200mg in 24 hours but it needs to be prescribed at that dosage. I also remember it being an energy zapping drug for me but as I said earlier we are all different and I think some people swear by it.

    Just try it and monitor it for a few days. If you start to feel odd on it just stop and ask for a review,but I think you will be ok.

    Let's know how you get on!


  • Thanks for your replies. I think it's calming down a bit already but of course how do we ever know why?!

    This has been a severe and longer attack than usual. That said I've just carried on and done half hour swim and huge weekly shop. Now tacking the Leaning Tower of Ironing 😁

  • I started Flecainide in July a week before my cardioversion. I'm taking 100mg twice a day and I have stayed in NSR.

  • Ah! Bless.

    Not funny.

    I don't have this particular pill.

    But hope it did kick in for you.

    Feel better soon. Xx

  • I started Flecanide in A&E resus and given 300mg which reverted my AF to SR in 30 minutes

    I take 100mg BD and up to 300mg as 'pill in pocket' if I have episode, which may be at other end of day after taking my usual am or pm 100mg dose; therefore total of 400mg in a day possible.

    However nowadays about 2 years on this is rarely required. Episodes have decreased dramatically, despite continued lifestyle that includes wine. I also take bisoprolol 5mg OD and started Magnesium supplements 6 months ago. It seems my AF has reduced to just occasional flutters, usually self correcting; or resolved with just 100 or 200mg Flecanide.

    Ask your EP for advice at review.

  • Hello

    I hope I can reassure you.

    I have been taking Flecainide for over 20 years. I take 2 x 100Mg each day plus Bisoprolol 1.25Mg. In addition I take extra as PIP when I go into AF. Do not do this yourself unless instructed by your consultant.

    I do not have side effects on the normal dose.

    With your swimming and house chores you seem to be managing OK so you should soon get used to it even if to start with you are aware of the effect of taking this drug.


  • Thank you for your replies. I have taken it again today and to be honest I feel totally normal (or as close as ever 😁).

    No AF either so I'm chuffed!

  • hi i hope you are feeling better now. I am taking bisoprolol at night rivaroxaban at lunchtime yet my AF still kept happening regularly, then my cardiologist gave me flecanide which i take in the morning since going on flecanide my attacks of AF have stopped which is a great relief as i felt ill for days afterwards. I am also allowed to use the flecanide as a pip which means pill in the pocket, so i can take an extra tablet if i go into AF. It gives me confidence as i can take one with me and feel much better when i am out and about. I have struggled for almost 2 years to get to this point where i feel more in control, i had a small stroke and then a very bad episode of AF where i ended up in A and E, then i had all the usual tests and monitoring which never managed to be done when i was actually in AF. Then another bad episode when my hubby sent for an ambulance i was in AF and got the read out from their machine. I then asked for a referal to a cardiologist who diagnosed nocturnal paroximal AF with sinus node disease. He has been excellent and explained everything so i can understand what is happening to me. The beta blocker made my heartrate too slow so i was passing out and having even more AF episodes, this is why i was given flecanide. The only side effect i have noticed is numbness in the toes on one foot but this is nothing compared to how ill i felt before. The rivaroxaban protects me from have another stroke i was unsure about all these tablets at first but i know without them i would be so much worse. I have yearly checkups with my cardiologist now but i can phone for an appointment if anything changes, he has said i may in time need a pacemaker but for now i am getting on with life and though i still have days when i feel tired i listen to my body and i rest on the days when i feel the need. my advice to you is ask questions and find a cardiologist in whom you are confident and take the medication he recommends. we are all different and the road of AF can be long and winding with many ups and down, i wish you good luck and hope you get the help you need.

  • Flec reaches maximum strength at about 6 hours - most people find a difference after 2 hours ..its great if it works for you !

  • I was given 200mg of Flecainide, the first time, in the hospital. After that, was prescribed 50mg 2X daily. (I was told that 50mg was "not very much," "a light dose.") Had to have an EKG after 1 week of taking Flecainide.

    Still was having too many afibs, and the doc suggested that I increase Flecainide to 75 mg daily. Continued to have about 3 afibs a month, so doc said I could increase Flecainide to 100mg 2x daily. I was 3 weeks away from the time of having an ablation, so I declined the "offer" of 100mg, twice daily.

    Ablation is scheduled for tomorrow. Sioux Falls, SD.

  • Ooops. That should read "75 mg 2 times, daily."

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