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Wednesday ablation postponed

EP phoned this afternoon to say my cryoablation needs to be postponed in favour of a further month of anticoagulation as I have some 'accumulation on my appendage' according to the TOE. In English he tells me that means there is a slim chance that there is some sort of clot/thick bit in atrium and we cannot risk proceeding on this Wednesday as planned.

HAd just got my head right and realising that AF not magically going to sort itself and yes ablation is best decision for me etc....exercising lots to be fit and strong for the thing and work all organized and 2 weeks worth of Danish drama to catch up on and now have to wait again. I know I know better to be safe, but geez.

Anyway off to work to tell my boss we have to reschedule my leave.......

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Good you had a TOE and a good EP - ablation postponed but potential stroke avoided. Disappointing though . . . after the build up.


A disappointment but 100% the right decision. Not worth taking a chance. Just one of those things.

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Maybe some Vit C 1gm per day to boost before the procedure, I find Altrient Vit C useful.


Mrip : I'm so sorry that you have to restructure everything. I was worried I would have to do that too because my INRs wouldn't reach the 2.0 range enough times before my scheduled ablation I finally reached it the day of the scheduled ablation, but I was nervous that it wouldn't. I am truly sorry!

orchardworker I'm just curious, what does Vitamin C do? I know I was given that while I was in the hospital for my ablation, so I have kept taking it now that I am home. I assumed it was to ward off colds and such. Is there another benefit?


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