Oh no its back grrrrrrrr

A week after my ablation and heart rate going like steam train. Anywhere between 35-170. Knew this could happen so going to see if chillaxing out on sofa gets rid of the dreaded af. If still like this in the morning head up to ae as consultant upped my bisoprolol to 10mg and wont let me have take anymore myself unless its under medical supervision. So got my feet up, got my book and lets see what happens. Not going to stress bout it whats the point x

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  • Still far too early to worry too much Jules. This can happen in the early stages of recovery. Try slowing your breathing down to about 6 per minute. Breath in to count of 7 and out for 11. Do this for at least five minutes.


  • Thanks Bob. Not worrying as knew this could happen. Just reading my book and relaxing x

  • Sorry to hear this.

    Brilliant attitude and approach.

    As my father said you are at where you are at even if that wasn't where you intended to be.

  • Happened to me like that then after several days, suddenly it all calmed down and have been in nsr ever since, so hang on in there

  • I'm sure it will settle down. I would say it's highly likely that you will revert back to normal rythum soon. A week after your ablation, your heart will be inflamed and at the start of the healing process.

    You'll be ok :-)

  • Hope you feel better soon, the heat doesn't help. Glad your not in a panic like I would be. Best wishes.

    Brenda 🐝

  • Thanks everyone. Woke up this morning still in af. Had my meds and see if they have any effect. Not panicing as before my ablation had 3 weeks constant af. At least I got a week free after it. Just see if it settles or not. No point in getting stressed.

  • 😒 and 😇

  • Glad to see you are maintaining a calm response. I had two full weeks of AF after my ablation and none since. Keep on keeping on. Heal gently.

  • I am now 4 months post ablation and am fine. I still had them for a while afterwards too. Your heart is still looking for the pathways and hopefully will eventually realize they are no longer there. I was convince the ablation did not work but am now good and happy to say it worked for me. Be patient. It takes time to heal.

  • Well the heart is finding pathways that is what's causing the AF. What happens is the scarring spreads as the heart heals and then pathways are blocked (is insulated or isolated).

  • Sorry to hear that, as you may recall I went back into AF a week after my 3rd ablation on 6th July and still in it. How are you now?

  • It seems to have settled now.I think I over exerted myself yesterday as it was a first trip out since my op. Going to take it easy for another couple days x

  • I'm gad it's settled. I know that I over did it on the day that mine started. Be well.

  • 1 week post ablation and I was wishing I hadn't bothered! Worse than ever in the lower readings down to 26BPM Although only up to 110BPM Max resting! But now a year on (2days ago) not a single episode for 5 months and running between 3 and 10 miles at least 3 times a week (56 years old) and on no meds! It takes at least 3 months for the scar to form ( mine took 5) and it's the scar that is the fix. Keep up the good attitude rest for now and do a little more when you feel to listen to your body it knows best

  • Hang in there. So frustrating -- but those darn heart cells just have a mind of their own sometimes. I think your strategy is really good. When in hospital and in afib, my husband made my heart rate go up from 140 to 168 by talking about Donald Trump! So it's good to be Zen :)

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