Its been a while

Hi All,

Just thought i would let everyone know, for reference i had my second Ablation at Broadgreen Hospital on Wednesday...

Previous one i had 3 years ago was a cryo, this one was Laser.. Dr Todd informed me that during the procedure when they connected me up..under GA..that the 2 PV,s lower i think he said, where going off like fireworks..186 bpm .. so they could see exactly what was happening to me..this enabled them to completely ablate the area until it stopped....but my oesophagus was damaged during the procedure, for the last 2 nights i have nt been able to sleep, only dozing in an upright chair..i couldnt breathe ..Got home last night..and slept for 4 hours..and it is day 2.

I feel like a new feels like my heart has been fixed..although early days, my oesophagus is starting to settle down..and although in some discomfort...feel like i have turned a corner.

I write this just for anyone, who like me didnt fancy a second ablation...i was terrified..but it was worth it..

cant thank everyone in Broadgreen enough...we are lucky to have such a brilliant hospital..and indeed Dr Derek Todd is a genius...

Hope everyone is fine..

Love and best wishes...

The new me;-)

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  • Hi Rob,

    So pleased for you, its lovely to hear good stories like this!

    Be well,


  • Thanks Wendi,

    Earl days i know..but everyone should have can be fixed.



  • Thank you for your post. I hope that your recovery goes well.

    Dr Todd is my EP too. Due to an emergency in the department my ablation was actually done by Dr Richard Snowdon. He is absolutely first class. I think there are 7 or so EPs in Liverpool.

  • Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for the good wishes, and yes i think they are all very capable..

    Its a wonderfull hospital. Hope you are well;-)

    Best wishes


  • Glad that you are feeling better Rob.

    I had my cryo ablation there in December. No episodes since! I agree Dr Todd is a lovely man and the rest of his team are great.

    Good luck for a fast recovery of your eosophogus problem.

    Love Lynn

  • Thanks Lynn,

    Yes they are fantastic..great to hear you are free from it as well..

    Love and best wishes


  • Excellent news. Rest now. X

  • Thanks..x

  • very well done Rob!! long may your improvement continue, be strong.

    I have AF for years and the last episode always feels like its the first one I ever had!

    Its a misery! I am new to this forum and it helps to know I am not unique

    kind regards


  • I agree...its a burden....but we must have hope...

    Best wishes


  • I'm very glad to hear your good news - sounds like you'll need to take it easy while you heal. Take care.


  • Thank you..hope you are okay as well..

    Best wishes


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