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AF and sleep

Just to ask and give an update.

Thanks for the Cheery juice recipe but it was so expensive with the almond or coconut milk and cherry juice concentrate £19 or so at Holland and Barrett that I have had to give it a miss but thanks anyway.

I saw my GP this morning and she has given me prescription for 30 X 2mg Melatonin slow release. She said that I could try them but she did not know of anyone they had worked for. I will not try tonight because I have some new herbals to try. Some Valerian Plus tablets from Holland and Barrett along with Melissa Dream.

But if I don't get some decent sleep tonight I might well try one of the melatonin either tomorrow or over the weekend.

Just wondered if anyone else had tried Melatonin and what sort of response etc. they got. Were they of any help to you, did they work etc.

I'll let you have mine later when I have tried them.



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I am not sure if this of the quality that you need but I buy Blossom cottage Morello cherry cordial from Sainsburys. It is 25% Morello cherry juice concentrate and Morello cherries are classified as being tart like monteray cherries. Costs under £2 for 500ml.

I have no idea if it helps you sleep as I just drink it in the morning.


You may have just saved yourself £19 then. There was a trail a few years ago of cherry juice that I took part in through a program called the food hospital. Thousands of people took part. Cherry juice made no difference to people's sleep.

I would be very interested to hear if melatonin works. I have heard that it is used in some trials with a good result. Please do report back with your findings.



Yes!!! Our bodies produce Melatonin, so if we don't produce enough, taking the supplement helps a lot. Melatonin is what triggers the sleepy mode as the natural patterns start: time of day, dusk setting in, etc. It is a very successful option for me. I take it about an hour before bedtime then...when I go to bed, I just drift off. I have never, ever felt groggy in the morning either. It is a great natural option for those of us who lack enough of our own melatonin.


bought another bottle today, was £2.50. I was never very good at remembering prices.

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I used to take Melatonin when I travelled a lot and had to cope with a lot of time changes and jet lag. Worked pretty well for me - I used to buy them in US as they are an over the counter med there. It can get you into the habit of sleep and help to reset your secadian rhythms but they are not like sleeping tablets and don't knock you out so if it is anxiety or worry thoughts that prevent you dropping off I wouldn't hold out too much hope. If you do take them, ensure you get at least 15 mins of daylight in the open air because that will help reset the hormones.

The only people I have ever heard of being prescribed them in UK is for blind people who often struggle with sleep because of the insensitivity to light.

I cannot imagine if AF is keeping you awake that hey will be of any use but worth a try!


What is cheery juice and what is it for?


See below post, can search AF Association for it and see below post.

Permanent atrial fibrillation and little or no sleep.

Hi Norm

I too have permanent atrial fibrillation and have had sleeping problems since January this year. I tried everything -- all of the things you mentioned. But nothing worked until I came across a recipe for a "cherry smoothie". This one

Since the first night I took it, I found I go asleep quicker, and stay asleep longer. Less getting out of bed for the bathroom! I have sometimes slept until 9am in the morning, which is highly unusual for me. I take it about half an hour before bed.

Best of luck, Norm, and if you try the cherry drink, do drop in and let me know how you get on!

PS The tart cherry juice contains melatonin, and this is understood to be the reason for the success of the cherry drink against insomnia. I found the cherry juice and the almond milk both in Holland And Barrett.

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A lot of men with BPH take it as it also supposedly reduces night time urination.


I asked my GP for it and after some discussion he gave me a prescription for 100. I took it for a month and it was no help at all to me but it does work for some.

My GP is also medical officer for two sports teams and travels to OZ and South America with them. Players with jet lag and sleep disturbance think that they are helped by it.


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