Hi. I'm considering buying one of these as I've heard a lot of good things about them. Could someone please tell me if this is the correct device? (From Amazon)?

Also. Does anyone know if it is compatible with a Samsung Galaxy Alpha??? I don't have an iPhone. Thank you, yan 😊

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  • I've also been looking at Amazon for one of these, and had the same question about my phone (iPhone 5). I did find the list of suitable phones somewhere very recently on the amazon website, can't remember exactly where but it was in a subsection about "answered questions". Good luck, and if you find it useful do let us know. My GP recommended it but some of the reviews are not great.

  • Thank you ☺

  • It works great all the time and I even have a pacemaker. When I was in the hospital last year the dr tested it against the one hooked up to my chest. The same. Well worth every cent!

  • Look on the AliveCor (Kardia) website.

    I have had mine for 15 months and it has been extremely useful to me, my GP, my EP and heart valve consultant.

  • Thanks Peter

  • I wouldnt be without mine.x

  • Thank you ☺

  • I have had one for 3 years now, I had one of the first which is different lo the one illustrated as there have been several upgrades since. They were originally tests by the AFA and a few forum members got them to try and report back on them in 2013/2014. I wouldn't be without mine and both my GP & EP find them very useful as I can give them print outs, email them or send them a link online to look at the history.

    Some people have had probs with the contacts - use an alcohol gel if you can't get a good reading and you do have to remain incredibly still.

    I can't tell you about compatability because I use IPhones - have kept my IPhone4' as that is the one my early AliveCor fits. It also works with my IPad - you just hold it very close to the microphone until you see a contact signal.

  • That's really useful. Thank you

  • I bought an alivecor when I was diagnosed 18 months ago , it worked perfect for a few months , can't get it to work now , I let my phone fall a few weeks ago and hey presto it worked for a few day. If my a fib is acting up I just check my pulse.

  • Have you changed the battery?

  • Since I changed my diet I have been keeping really well , lost 2 stone ,I didn't bother to change the battery . Talked to my EP a couple of weeks ago and he said I have a 20 to 30 percent chance curing it with ablation.

  • Sorry Peter, what I should have said was ,the procedure would carry a 20 - 30 percent requirement to be repeated with paroxysmal pattern.

  • My Kardia as its now called has been brilliant. I showed my GP a printout and subsequent £5 analasys by cardiologist and she copied it to my cardiologist . Only yesterday I saw her and she says that this is the way things will be in the future. Best advice I got from this group was don't get obsessed with it, an excellent tool.

  • I was diagnosed, treated and sent home 4 weeks ago, and was almost afraid to move for the first few days in case another episode started. I read about the 'Kardia' on this site, and thought it might help with my anxiety levels.

    I use it first thing in the morning, which regularly gives me an unclassified reading, as my pulse is usually about 45 bpm then, and anytime during the day if I start feeling odd sensations. It has read Afib once, all the other readings are normal.

    I am starting to feel much better, more confidant, and am sure that with the reassurance I am getting from the Kardia I will soon have my life back!

    For the first few days I was obsessed with checking my HR, but after the morning session yesterday, forgot all about it until 11 last night, so it must be calming me somewhat!

  • My EP consultant at Papworth recommended I get one. I am trying to take back some control of my body by avoiding my known triggers (caffeine, dehydration, not eating, eating a large meal and letting myself get upset about things). Doesn't stop AF but reduces the number of incidences. The main area that causes me problems is when an arrhythmia starts I never know what it's going to turn into (AF, SVT, VT, tachycardia, 100, 150 or 200 bmp, 10 mins duration or 30 hours) I find the calmer I keep the better it is. By using the Kardia device I can identify AF and normal rhythms. It makes me feel more in control. I dont take a reading unless I think I'm going into AF etc and I don't keep it attached to my phone but in my handbag. I would recommend it but don't get obsessed with it.

  • I use this one on my Samsung Galaxy Mini III. Try loading the app on your phone before you send for it. Before I bought mine I was told to download the App, if this loads then the device will work.

    I printed out the results to show my EP. (Who had one on his phone)

  • If you have an app for the phone/ipad/whatever then it should work. The Alivecor does not need to fit to your phone, you just need to hold the two devices near each other. I have an Alivecor that fits my iPhone 5, but I never bother because it usually pops off anyhow.

  • Thanks everyone, some really useful replies there. I have had my AF under control for the past year by taking Flecainaide. I did the London Marathon in April and felt great after all my training. However, since easing off and now stopping running (due to other responsibilities), I have noted several occasions where my heartbeat is completely irregular. The Flecainaide is clearly stopping the horrible palpitations I was having last year, but now I am not sure if I am creeping back into AF, or if this irregular heartbeat is ectopics/my heart trying to go into AF/something else. My HR is very slow and maybe since stopping exercising it has slowed down even more allowing this irregularity to creep in. Who knows? I am basically experiencing two strong thumps, followed by a long gap, a sort of quick weak beat, a normal beat and then back to the two strong beats. Something like that anyway...!! It's odd. Hence why I am thinking of getting a 'Kardia' to show my GP/Cardiologist. Hopefully from what I have heard, it would be worth me getting one, providing I can download the app first. Thank you everyone :)

  • My arrhythmia has developed over time, so I went to see my EP and a change in drugs has worked, now back to normal I'm glad to say. The drug that used to work, now doesn't, or not so well anyhow.

  • You would be best to check compatibility for your phone first, I was told Android 4 and above. Its excellent and corresponds near enough to the hospitals monitors, lets me know when I need to go to hospital, or can email results to my EP who is 2hrs plane flight away.

  • I've got one, very good. My EP was very impressed with the PDF ecg printouts, he said the detail was excellent.

    However I don't carry it with me all the time or I start checking my heart rate every 20 minutes and become a bit obsessed!

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