I'm not particularly clever with technology so I wondered if other members could give me the benefit of their experience in getting AliveCor. It seems the cheapest I can see on the net is around £80. Does that sound about right?

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy 3 mini which looks to me that it is not compatible- am I right in this?

If so does anyone have any experience of using it with an IPad touch?

Many thanks


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  • I use it with an iPad very well - not portable but easy to check at home

  • I also use mine with an iPad Air and it's very satisfactory. The device needs to sit close to the iPad's microphone and is easy to use. I paid around £90 about 15 months ago, so your price sounds OK. If you check on the Alivecor site, there is a list of compatible devices.

  • Check there is an app for the Galaxy. If there is, I guess it should work, or email the AliveCor people and ask to be safe. I paid a lot more for my AliveCor :-( . But it works very well with my iPhone nearby :-) ; doesn't need to be connected. I have an app for my iPad as well but not used it to be honest as my phone is always in my pocket.


  • If you know anyone in the US it is a lot cheaper

  • Hi I have used Alivecore with a Samsung galaxy S2 , S5 and tab 3 10" successfully

  • Hi I bought mine from Amazon (in UK) earlier this month for £74.99. It was the best price I found and free delivery.

    I am a BlackBerry girl so can't use it with my phone so use it with my Nexus 7 tablet. I haven't stuck the Alivecor on to my tablet but providing I take the Alivecor out of its fixing plate it works fine laying it next to my tablet on a table. It doesn't bother me that it isn't stuck to my phone and so with me all the time. I'm new to this and am in persistent AF so don't need to take a reading urgently at a particular moment. I've bought mine so that I can check whether I'm in NSR or AF after my first cardioversion tomorrow. Once you've worked out how and where to use it to avoid electrical interference I think it is an amazing gadget.


  • Alivecor works well on my Galaxy 4, I think the 3 might not be strong ( or whatever the correct tech terminology is ) enough.

    Alivcor website is the best place to go for compatibility info,

  • The problem is that the compatibility list on the Alivecor website is very short. It doesn't include Nexus 7 for example which works fine for me. I found it best to ask on here if anyone was successfully using the tablet I have and a few people said they were so I could buy with confidence. You could contact Alivecor but not sure how much weight Id give to the answer as they are the seller! So I'd try a post 'anyone using Alivecor with xxxx?'


  • Thank you everyone- that is really helpful. What would I do without you!


  • I use mine with my Galaxy SIII Mini. Like heather110, I bought it from Amazon. I don't have it attached to my phone as I have that in a case, so I knitted a little pouch for the AliveCor to live in. When required I sit the two of them next to each other.

  • We use it with an S3 mini. I emailed the company and they said that due to the rules on the sale of medical equipment (in the US I guess) they couldn't endorse it for use with the s3 mini as they hadn't used that particular phone to test it. But, we bought it, and it works excellently, and also works - the same unit - with my Sony Xperia SP. My son downloaded the app, logged it in as himself, so now whenever he takes a reading at school it updates across onto my phone, which is sometimes good, other times not so much!!

  • Does anyone know if this device will pick up Tachycardia as well as afib? Tried to look it up on their website and got no where

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