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paroxysmai atrial fibrillation

had this for 40 years started drugs some 12 years ago was on sotolol for 11 years then put on some think else for a year went in hospital given flecainide infusion twice did not work then given cardioversion that worked now put on AMIODARONE NOT FEELING VERY GOOD ON THIS DRUG BEEN ON IT FOR 18 DAYS DOWN TO 1 A DAY ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS DRUG WHEN I GO INTO AF IT LAST FOR 1 TO 2 WEEKS BUT ALLWAYS WENT BACK ON ITS OWN ACCORD HAD ABOUT 5 ATTACKS IN THE LAST 12 YEARS SINCE BEEN ON DRUGS

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I'm sorry you feel so rotten on starting Amiodarone - I take Flecainide so can't help from personal experience but I think some drugs take longer to get used to and for the body to settle down - somewhere I read about four weeks to settle.

There are other posters taking Amiodarone and hopefully some of them will see your post and give more advice.

Hope this is the case for you and you feel better soon.


I was on amiodorone for 4 months early this year.

It was a terrible time, I have never felt so ill in my life. Also I was getting sunburn inside my house even wearing factor 50 sun block.

Unlike some drugs, the feelings got worse the longer I took it, as it loads up in your body

Thankfully I am off it now, but the side effects live on, such as my damaged thyroid.

I'll never take it again, that's for sure.


I was on Amiodarone many years ago. Although many people 'get on with it' I found it a nasty drug and it gave me breathing problems after a few weeks. I vowed never to use it again. I suggest that you keep matters under close review and get an appointment with the Hospital if your situtation does not improve. Terry


I've been on Amiodarone for nearly two years. I would say to give it 8 to 12 weeks and if you still feel bad go and see your EP or Cardiologist. For AF wise I didn't find it much the same as Flecainide until they switched me from Bisoprolol to Verapamil and touch wood things have improved. I can't avoid sunlight as I work outdoors and I have put on weight, but as they didn't do a base line blood test they don't know if my thyroid has been affected or not.


The first time I took Amioderone was before my first ablation. No drug treatment was working but I wasn't on it for very long. I then started to take it after my 2nd ablation and it has worked and given me my life back. It is never a long term solution but I have been regularly monitored for thyroid function and not experienced lasting side effects. Factor 50 works for me. It does take a while to get into your system and to leave it also. We're all different but I'm very grateful for Amioderone. I wish you well whatever treatment you have.


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