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Atrial fibrillation

Heart failure 2011 left atria enlarged week in hospital stabilised .left with af. Angiogram ok. Echo 35% ejection. Cardioversion worked 3 weeks like being reborn sight smell taste fitness so vivid.opted for 3 heat ablations all only worked few weeks yrs 12-13-14 . 8 years later still same few changes in medication caused issues but back on same original pills not yet got any worse but been offered pacemaker in later life all singing and dancing one so your safe

But as you must have read like me we are all so different in our heart issues a 1000 different AF cases and causes no answers for me but good luck there is life with AF even if you do get out of puff and like me you'll never be the same but you are alive

God bless you all

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Hi, good to be positive, what on earth is a heat ablation?


Maybe radio frequency RF burns, as opposed to cryo (freezing) ablation?


Ooooooo, ugh!! Makes me quiver at the thought.

I had 2 done, one took 5 hours the next 4 . Quite enough. ( I won't write what I think of them) Have you had one?


Yes, a couple, that’s it. Permanent AF now, not so bad.


Me too! I Lifelong Rivaraxaban, Digoxin and Losartan ,I know ,

you just have to get on with it. Sometimes it is easier to ignore it than others. January is vile!!!!!!

There is no AF group near me, and, I live in Cambridge , Nearish to Papworth.

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Hope you don't have to wait too long for the pacemaker!


Not in a hurry feel ok at moment


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