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Just when you think things are getting better this thing called PAF comes along to knock you back down again. I was starting to feel things were improving, feeling better, doing all the right things not to trigger an attack, losing weight, less caffeine, less alcohol and moderate exercise. Just back from 2 weeks in Florida as well (no weight gain, first time ever) then to-day in the pool at the health club during a gentle swim on it came no warning no explanation just the usual heart trying to thump it's way out of my chest it's so disheartening when you avoid all triggers an it still happens. Still going on after a couple of hours, tempted to take a bisoprolol but will try and wait a while yet.

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Don't wait. The sooner your rate is pulled down the better.

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Just think how much worse it could have been if you had not done all those good things. Always look for the positive.


Sympathise with how you are feeling. This is the maddening thing about AF....just when you think you have nailed it and are feeling great healthwise, up it pops again.

I've had a dreadful few days which I thought were bound to send me into AF but I felt so bad I couldn't care anyway. I had a massive abscess come up in my mouth which caused a huge swelling in my face ( elephant man/woman ? ) and triggered trigeminal neuralgia which I last had over 25 years ago. Still in sinus rhythm.

I wouldn't hesitate to take bisoprolol at the outset , you won't really gain anything by waiting.

Hope things have improved a bit.


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That's why I try to live every second of every day in NSR (drug fuelled -lol) because the blasted AF will most likely recur. Why does it always do so when we think we are getting on so well . . . . Take your Bisoprolol - why suffer it?

Hope you feel better soon and can do some more interesting things again.


living with AF is so unpredictable you can go into AF at any time and pop out of it just as quick. I really empathise with you. It may be a blip. Stay positive!

Keep well😊

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