Disappointed but grateful

Went in for my redo ablation on Wednesday. When my E.P.pierced the septum wall, the needle went into the aorta instead of the left atria. There was no way of knowing if any damage had been done so my E.P decided to call a halt to the procedure for my safety. I spent the night on coranary care being diligently monitored. It was nerve wracking for all of us but I cannot thank my E.P. enough for his honesty,concern and care.I have slightly strange heart conformation and having to avoid previous scar tissue didnt help.Neither he nor I or my family feel ready to repeat the experience soon so we meet to discuss future plans, in June,by which time we will all have had time to think. The most important thing is that I am fine, just a little shaken up.

I thought long and hard about posting this as I dont want to scaremonger but knew I wouldnt get away with not posting something.

The thing is that I would do it all again. I had to know I had given it a go, but maybe now is the time to look for another way.

Also of interest is that I was on warfarin and heparin. It took about an hour to reverse the heparin and 18 hours for vitimin k to reduce I.N.R. from 2'.6 to 2. Not exactly a fast acting antidote ( maybe my body is just awkward).

I now cant go back on warfarin as it takes quite a while for vitimin k

To leave the body so I am now on apixaban.

I really hope no one will be put off trying. What happened to me is really rare if it has indeed ever happened before. X

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  • Your still here and as you say fine and that is all that's matters....It didn't go according to plan so now move and look forward to plan B.

    Thank you for letting us know...

    Best Wishes,


  • Oh no how disappointing and concerning at the same time. Pleased you feel positive albeit shaken and that you were well cared for. Rest plenty and don't be surprised if you get a bit of reaction after your trauma that would be perfectly understandable.

    Thinking time for you all as you say befor your next consultation and plan of action. Hope you get a good nights sleep and hubby can relax too. Be well, thinking of you. X

  • Sorry to hear the news but thank you for telling us. so glad you are ok I do believe that they will find an answer to this damn thing lets hope it comes soon take care x

  • So sorry to hear about this, but thank you for being honest and sharing what happened with us. I do hope you get over the disappointment of the procedure not going as planned, fate decided another ablation wasn't for you at this stage! Yes, time now to think where you go from here. How is your AF at the moment?

    Big healing hug.


  • Hi. My A.F. is under control on my old dose of flecanide. Thanks

  • Love your positivity which is a beacon to all. Shit happens as they say but the main thing is you survived and are going to be OK. I'm pleased you posted the details in such a good way and I'm sure that others will not be put off by this extremely rare event.

    Good vibrations winging your way.


  • I was only just wondering how you got on, so logged on and wow. So sorry, but hey ho you are ok thank goodness.

    Take some time to get your head around it all so you can decide next steps.( my second procedure planned for July by the way).

    Thanks for posting.

  • So sorry to hear this. Thank you for letting us know. If you hadn't posted we would have wondered why .

    It sounds as though you are being well looked after and now need time to consider the next stage. Thinking of you

    Sandra x

  • So sorry to hear your procedure didn't go to plan, stay positive. Lots of cyber hugs being sent your way x

  • So sorry that it went wrong for you and thank you for reporting back.  Ablations are serious procedures that carry risks and we all need to know that however small the risk.   I hope you recover soon and get to have a good rest from all that trauma. Good luck on finding the right path and treatment for the future, we are all wishing you well.

  • What an experience, I am so glad you are OK, it's not what happens but how you handle what happens. Shaken but not too stirred I hope.

    So glad your EP was straight with you, that makes all the difference, please keep us posted. Hope tomorrow is a better day and things settle down for you.

  • So sorry that things went so awry and that you and your family have had such a traumatic time and so much to cope with. The main thing is that you are well and are able to look forward to a different approach - another door will open for you.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us and I send you a big comforting cyber hug. xxx

  • Well, there was no success, but no disaster either and we have to be encouraged by that and the wisdom of your EP. We wish you a swift recovery and hope that the best way forward will be clear very soon.

  • So sorry to hear that. As you say at least he was open and honest and you have been open and honest even though this event must be extremely rare

    Interesting what you said about vitamin k. That happened to me last week and it took 36 hours to get it down from 2.3 to 1.2. However after restarting was back up to 2.3 after 4 days.

  • I'm really sorry to hear things didn't work out for you but relieved you are safe. Best wishes.

  • All the best. Sorry things did no go well. Thinking of you. Wishing you speedy recovery.xxx

  • So sorry for your disappointment but glad you are ok. One good thing is your AF is being controlled. Hope they can sort you out soon, I was wondering how you got on so thanks for posting. Big hugs.


  • Can really only echo what everyone has said......pleased to hear that you are OK.

    Best wishes, John

  • Thank you for your post. I have my procedure coming up and personally I would rather read on here what could go wrong rather than send myself crazy on google researching ( I am trying to ban myself from it!!)

    Also you are still so positive, you're an inspiration lovely lady!

    Sara x x x

  • I thought of you yesterday whilst out gardening. I'm gutted for you but at least you are OK. Thank you for such a truthful post and all good wishes for the future. Please let us know how you are progressing and remember that you have lots of friends here.

  • so sorry it didn't go as planned...but like you so you are still here to plan next move. God bless you x

  • So sorry to hear about your bad luck. I had my redo ablation yesterday and my EP said there were only a small amount of touching up he had to carry out. However, it did take several attempts to pierce my septum due to a previous ablation and the scar tissue that comes with it. It appeard a bit of a struggle, so I can sympathise there. On the plus side I was let out the same day and have no discomfort whatsoever, which I am amazed at considering the effort involved. Thank you for your honesty and think carefully about another procedure, but unfortunately these things do happen. I was fearing the worse when listening to the medical team carrying out my ablation, but I know our safety is their priority.

    Hope things go well for you x

  • I am so glad to read your post because it should show folk that my experience is not usual!!!

    Thinking back I think the position of the scar tissue was the problem for me. They showed me my heart conformation afterwards on the scanner and it was easy to see how,in my case, it would have been easy to make the mistake even if you were being careful. There was probably an optimum place to pierce the septum and the scar tissue was right in that place.

    On the plus side I am loads better after a good sleep and looking forward to exploring future options. X

  • Sorry to hear of you experience but it is always best to know that the risks on the consent forms need to be taken seriously. As one said to me the cath lab is the safest place in the world but if anything goes wrong you are in the right place!

    I hope that you will soon be ready to get back in the ring for the next round.

  • You are right about being in the right place. Although the situation was tricky and potentially dangerous I still felt that I was in safe hands. Those guys earn every penny they get in my humble opinion. X

  • I've twice had a Pneumothorax after procedures. The last one was the most painful experience I've ever had though that may have been down to the inexperience of the Junior doctor putting the drain in. Some one I know had a much worse situation during is ablation than you and had to have his chest opened to repair his heart.

  • Oh my goodness! I have definitely come off lightly that is why I am so glad my E.P. pulled out when he did or I think I may have been in the same position. We should never take the warnings lightly even though some times going ahead is still the right thing to do. X

  • I always like the question at the pre assessment .. Do you want to be resuscitated ?

    They even asked that before my cataract operation. What can go wrong during that I asked? She said they had a couple had strokes during it.

    Two elderly ladies who were sisters there at one said that they had 'Always resuscitate' tattooed on their chests. They did not show me so they may have been joking:-)

  • So glad you came out safely, we all do know the risks but never really

    think anything could happen to us. Its a lesson we must all bear in mind

    so you have done the right thing in reminding us.

    Hope your recovery is speedy.


  • Sorry it didn't go to plan, here's hoping for a speedy recovery and a good outcome.

  • So sorry it didn't go well for you, but very pleased you're ok. Thank you for posting, was thinking about you. Take care. Jean

  • Just logged on and was sad to hear of your tribulations. Hope that you are feeling ok today. Much love and best wishes xxx

  • Hi Dedottie

    I actually saw my GP a few weeks ago but she didn't think it a good idea to move me off Warfarin to Apixaban. Her main objection was that Apixaban has yet to 'prove its worth' and also she argued that coming off Warfarin in an emergency was easier than if I was on Apixaban

    I had no option than to accept her superior knowledge and leave the surgery with my 'tail between my legs' so to speak.

    I have another GP appointment with another doctor at the beginning of June so may have 'another go'

    By the way which surgery are you with. I am with Eryl Surgery.

    Hope you are feeling better after your horrible ordeal.


  • I am with the Cowbridge and vale and so far they have very good to me approving my self testing and providing me with testing strips. I was very happy with warfarin but have been put on apixaban after an ablation procedure went wrong and they had to administer vitimin k as an anitode to warfarin. It took 18 hours to reverse it so not exactly quick! Because the vitimin k stays in the body for a while they have put me on apixaban instead and seem to think I should stay on that because of its relatively short half life. Anyway i will see what my G.P. thinks when I come to renew the prescription!

    I am feeling fine physically thanks but have been a bit flat today. I was expecting that though and sure I will feel good again tomorrow. X

  • Certainly ask the other GP you are seeing.

    I find it very strange that she said that Apixaban hasn't proved its worth. How come so many EPs prescribe it then? For sure if there were worth issues they wouldn't want to prescribe it for the risk of being sued (even in the UK!!).

    Also from my experience the Vitamin K is an overplay. two weeks ago it took them 36 hours to reverse my INR from 2.3 down to 1.2 so that they could do a test.

  • And me. They gave me large dose of vit k at About 2 pm and mid morning the following day it had come down from 2.6 to 2!

  • I hate to think how long it would have taken a few weeks earlier when my INR shot to 4.3 or the months that it was around 3.3!!! Appears to be an inexact calculation then.

  • Funnily enough I am feeling lack lustre today. I think I probably overdid it in the garden yesterday. My husband did warn me.

    Take it easy, 'tomorrow is another day'

    Best wishes from Llantwit.

    jean X

  • So sorry, I know how conflicted you were about the second ablation. There is so little we have control of but it sounds like you are dealing with this and maybe in future you will decide to have another go at it. Take good care of yourself.

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