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AF again !!!!!!

Hello all, well.after being AF free (with exception of short 5 second bursts) for 7 years it hit me again last night, went to A&E, was told i was in fast AF (maximum 170 bpm but was on average 140) unlike last time when it was 190 and needed 2 x bags of flec to bring me out of it, i converted myself without drugs after 1 hour and was let home, as stated my last and only previous sustained AF episode was 7 years ago, and i had an ablation 5 years ago. My question is could the ablation have lessoned the severity of this recent episode and should i expect many more to come, i am taking magnesium taurate (375mg per day), going the gym 5 days a week and eating well, i dont smoke but do enjoy a few beers at the weekend although this doesnt usually make it worse, i am 42, thanks for listening, like all of us i just want to keep this horrible condition at bay - cheers - Karl

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Sorry to hear the demon is back Karl. It may be a one off. who knows. Only time will tell. I'm sure that the ablation has reduced the severity. Stay well hydrated at all times especially at the gym or when you do choose to have a beer. You MUST drink the equivalent amount of water as any alcohol as alcohol dehydrates.


Thanks for the reply Bob, yes good advice I do usually stay hydrated but will keep my eye on this - thanks again


Karl out of interest how many episodes of AF did you have before ablation or was it permanent?

Hope all is well


Hi Andy, only the 1 episode before ablation although i did also have lots of ectopics, i knew little about AF and ablation when i had the ablation but since which i have read lots so was surprised that they ablated after only 1 proven episode and no attempt to control via drugs, that said i am.not the EP, so bow to there greater knowledge - thanks for reply Andy


Interesting did you have any other underlying factors? Trying to understand when some push for ablation, when others stay on medicines and when other try pill in pocket or other.

Thank u a wishing u all the best


Hi, only high BP, i have been told that mechanically my heart is perfect, no issues and the BP is well controlled with meds - cheers


Thank u


Hi Karl - yes - my AF just returned after ablation but not with same severity of symptoms, like you HR around 140 only.

I have had only 5 episodes since last September and have made a plan with my EP if episodes become more frequent and troublesome and he recommends a third ablation if required.

Nowadays it seems that ablation is thought of as an on-going treatment,

Hope yours was a one off! Good luck.


Thanks for reply, hopefully our ablations have at least reduced severity, good luck controlling yours, and hope the ablation is successful should you opt for it - thanks


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