Runners post cryoablation I desperately need your wisdom!!!!

I had my cryoablation 4months ago and everything is fine I signs of afib(at least I am not feeling it) I have been a runner for 35years. Trouble is now when I run I become so breathless and my pulse raises like I am doing a 5min mile!!!

Use to run 7:30 pace and now I can't barely break a 9:15pace. I become so winded and heart races.....I stop and all returns to normal. Only happens when I run.

Question has anyone else experienced this? My EP has scheduled me for a heart mri next week to make sure the pv veins have not become smaller. EEK!!!! I will wear a heart monitor the month of Oct checking for afib.

I know this may seem minor to some but you runners totally get my frustration!!!! Just want to feel like my ol self again and run the streets again with a smile! (but actually how many runners do you see really smiling when they are running LOL)

Help me running peeps!! :)


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  • My view (as an ex amateur sportsman) is have a bit of patience. Don't go pushing yourself as there are definitely problems. Knew a runner who did after a heart attack and he just collapsed running and died after five minutes in agony. Quite possibly not the same reasons but never the less a warning. At the end of the day it's your long term health that matters.

    As my father used to say you are at where you are at even though it is not where you thought you'd be. If it hadn't been for the war he would quite probably run in the olympics and probably beaten bannister to the 4 minute mile!!!!

    I doubt you will be happy hearing this but I felt I had to respond.

  • Peter thanks for the response. I do realize I have to be patient and am willing to do so but was worried about the breathing/lack of air.

    I tell myself this is where I am for now......

    Your father sounds like a real speedster,how cool to imagine what if???



  • Yes. His school record was only broken circa 1970 by a fellow who went on to run in the olympics after he left school. I saw him beat the record so it was tinged with sadness but joy for him (he was a very nice fellow).

    Incidentally I hated running but was really in to tennis, squash, hockey (particularly indoor). Probably contributors to my AF as adrenaline is one of my exacerbators.

  • Sounds like your EP is on the ball organising an MRI. PVS ( narrowing of the pulmonary veins) I am told takes a while to develop and if that proves to be the cause of the breathlessness it can be dealt with. Good luck

  • Yes, I am very pleased with my EP doc in Chicago :) I know that it is rare to have the PVS narrow but good to check it out.

  • Be patient my friend... I had my ablation 5 months ago and no AF since but only just felt ready for yoga and Pilates and a bit of gentle swimming! You guessed it, I am not a runner, and only was one briefly for a charity gig, but I have always been physically active and boy did the ablation take the wind out of my sails! Get properly checked before you do too much (or any damage) as if you feel as happy as I do,not to be in AF, hold on to that and don't rush to push the body too quickly. They call it a "procedure" but it is invasive, and I believe a bit more intensive than they let on!

    Good luck and hope you get back in those runners very soon.


  • is hard to be patient especially when exercise is your way of life :) I too do yoga and weight classes,Body Pump. I waited 8weeks before I did any exercise at all. It is great not to be in afib and I do count my lucky stars!!!!

    Thanks for the kind wisshes :)


  • But we have to learn to change our way of life. If I tried to carry on exactly as I was doing three years ago then it would have killed me either in the last 2 years or the next few.

  • Any new meds? Any meds at all?

  • The only med I am on is Eliquis nothing else.

    I have never been on any meds until afib reared its ugly head !!!


  • I totally understand your frustration, but give it some time. I had ablation late January (not sure whether this is same as cryoablation. I am aged 61, and have a lifetime of running, cycling and hill-walking. Had persistant AF since about January 2015, it knackered my performance and when I tried Bisoprolol for a couple of weeks I was totally screwed. It seems to take some of us some months to "recover" from ablation. I went into atrial flutter for a couple of weeks,, with a pulse steady at about 140-150 when walking, but without wild fluctuations, but I came out of it. I have found my walking and cycling have responded best, and it is some months since I had wild fluctuations while cycling. I have undertaken several hill-walking trips of up to 4 days (first one early June), and found that very strenuous hikes sometimes generate erratic and high pulse for a period, but it seems to set itself right. After a tough week, it seems to be helpful to have a lazy week, with just gentle walks. My running seems to be the last thing to sort out, but I have had a couple of slow jogs recently without any erratic or high pulse issues. So it seems that in my case, maybe yours also, it just takes some time to adjust/heal, but things DO improve, possibly not to the original level, but good enough to be very active and get out there. Good luck and keep active!

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